Best Movies of 2014

They don’t call them the ‘best’ for nothing.

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Ranked number one on Rotten Tomatoes, rated a whopping 98% on the Tomatometer, is Boyhood, directed and written by Richard Linklater. What’s so cool about this movie, though, is that it was filmed over a twelve year-period, following the perspective and life of a boy named Mason, acted by Ellar Coltrane. Think about this for a moment here; this project took twelve years to complete! Isn’t it absolutely insane and unusual? Of course, this film does have a common theme as many, many other movies; coming of age. And coming of age is definitely an extremely, if not the most, relatable theme of a movie us teenagers can watch and enjoy. Boyhood takes a whole new step on a common idea of the portrayal of a child slowly growing up, tracing the mesmerizing, yet difficult moments of maturing. As Sundance Film Festival words it, “it’s impossible to watch Mason and his family without thinking about our own journey.” As audiences watch the ambitious experiment come to life, they get completely glued to the screen; after all, they have never seen anything like it!

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Now, take a look at what IMDb asserts as the one movie released in 2014. With the rating of 7.7 stars out of 10, American Sniper took the lead on IMDb’s “Most Popular Feature Films Released in 2014.” The ranking has been based off of IMDb’s very own MOVIEmeter, a ranking system based on the opinion of “experts” within the movie category. American Sniper, following Chris Kyle (performance by Bradley Cooper), a Navy SEAL sniper, beautifully illustrates the sniper’s life and major difficulties he must face on the battlefield of the Iraq War. The film has been nominated for twenty two nominations in total, winning six of them. Though American Sniper does hold the statistics it needs to be titled “Best movie of 2014” on IMDb, there still are mixed reviews on the filmography. Nonetheless, there are positive critiques that dominate most of the reviews, praising the director, Clint Eastwood, of well crafting this action movie. Why not give this adaptation of Chris Kyle’s autobiography a try?

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Not so long ago, TIME Magazine came out with the magazine’s famous “Top 10 Everything of 2014”, which of course, included “Top 10 Best Movies”, written up by TIME’s movie critic, Richard Corliss. On this list, The Grand Budapest Hotel ranked first, topping both Boyhood and American Sniper; in fact, Eastwood’s American Sniper didn’t even make it on to the list! The Grand Budapest Hotel, starring Ralph Fiennes as Monsieur Gustave H., the concierge at the Grand Budapest Hotel in the Republic of Zubrowka between the first and second World Wars, comically portrays he and Zero Moustafa’s, a lobby boy, friendship. As Corliss words it, “Grand isn’t good enough a word for this Budapest Hotel. Great is more like it.” Wes Anderson, the director, fantastically creates inspiration dream throughout this movie, while shooting extreme character development of both Gustave H. and Zero while they cope with death, love, and gloom. Ridiculous yet full of compunction at the same time, The Grand Budapest Hotel will not let you down.

And here, I have three (so called) best movies as claimed by three different, credible sources. Now you are left with the question you may ponder upon; which film is one that truly deserves the title of  “Best Movie of 2014”? There really is no definite answer, for what one perceives as “best movie” differs among each individual. I mean, sure I named a few movies that are potentially number one filmographies, but there are so many more first-rate movies out there, released in 2014.

So here’s my question to you: What do you think was was the best movie released in 2014?

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