How to #YOLO Valentine’s Day 2k15

After all, isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

Illustration by Irene Jung (’16)

February 14, Valentine’s Day! The one day when boys and girls finally release their built up courage to express their love towards one another. The one day when chocolates are boldly given away to loved ones. The one day when new couples form and old couples rekindle their waning passions.

Or at least, it should be.

Valentine’s Day in KIS is sadly treated almost as any other day. The majority ignores the existence of such a day. Why is this? Students are so burdened with stress that the romance and excitement of the day are usually hidden under the daily struggles of homework, tests, and projects. KIS could use a change in the way we perceive Valentine’s Day. Conveying love and gratitude from one person to another should be a simple and natural course of action. With the help of KISRAK’s loving spirit, this year’s Valentine’s Day will hopefully consist of more spirit and enthusiasm. Let us not see the day as daunting or useless, but rather as an opportunity to brighten up someone’s day. 

Be brave, and be loving!

Here are some steps to a great Valentine’s Day!

1. Prepare homemade chocolates!

Nothing says “I love you” more than personally created works of delicious art! Rather than store-bought chocolates, homemade chocolates are preferred as a gift. It shows that you put in effort and love into each chocolate.

2. Dress for the occasion!

The way a person dresses can predispose the attitude for the day. Wear sweatpants, and you’ll feel comfortable and at home. Wear jeans, and you’ll be ready for a casual day. Wear a skirt or a nice collared shirt, and you’ll be ready to flirt and have a good day.

3. Smile!

Feeling nervous before the big moment? Smile, and you’ll feel more relaxed! You will also seem more approachable and sincere.

4. Have courage!

Finally, pluck up your courage and ask away! You have nothing to lose, right? Expressing your feelings is what high school is all about! #YOLO

Good luck everyone!

– Sarah Chin (’16)

Header: Irene Jung (’16)

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