Junior Year : Crunch Time

It’s the most dreaded year in high school.

Junior year. The most dreaded year in high school. Freshmen hear of the horrors, sophomores cower at the imminent dangers, and seniors pity the victims. But what exactly makes junior year such a formidable enemy? 

Now, the second semester marks the arrival of many deadlines, and suddenly the to-do list increases ten-fold. The juniors have so much on their mind at this point. Imagine yourself in their shoes: 

You have schoolwork to worry about: the normal homework load of any other high schooler. Add on two, three, or even four AP courses, and the homework burden just about doubles, increasing the struggle to maintain a good GPA. Not to mention studying for the SATs, SAT subject tests, ACTs, and the upcoming AP tests. Then, of course, who can forget the extracurricular activities, like volunteer work, music, and sports? But, the worst of the stress is worrying about the future, weighing your options for the classes to take next year, or more ominously, future majors or university options. With all this, along with the burden of maintaining a healthy social life, how do the juniors survive?


So, juniors and future-juniors, here are some suggestions on how to survive:


1. Take things slow!

There is nothing worse than trying to finish everything all at once. You would just get overridden with stress! Take things slow, one homework assignment at a time, one life goal at a time. This way, you will get work done without additional stress! #yougotthis

2. Don’t get distracted!

It’s your junior year! You need to focus! When you relax, relax completely without thinking of school! But when you have to study, study hard! Don’t try to study while scrolling through Facebook! #focus

3. Stay healthy!

It’s dangerous for juniors to sacrifice health for school. I mean, honestly, getting sick would just make you miss school and the additional makeup work would only add on to the loads of assignments already given to you. Eat healthy meals, don’t splurge on junk food, and exercise as much as your busy schedule allows. This will only help you study more efficiently! #healthyeating

4. Sleep! (Seriously.)

I know, shut up, right? But, really, sleep is vital for success in junior year! If you must stay up late one night, try and make it up the night after, or during the weekend! Think of your body, and sacrifice that extra facebook time for sleep! #sleepislife

5. Study with friends!

Having a hard time maintaining a social life? It’s okay! Just study with friends! Motivate each other to study hard, and then relax together after it’s over! #amigos

6. Stay strong and motivated!

You can do it! Just push through and you’ll be in college in no time! Remember, senior second semester awaits you! #YOLO


So, there you have it, how to survive junior year. Yes, despite all these suggestions, junior year will still be extremely difficult to withstand. But, keep in mind that this year is, in a sense, an opportunity. An opportunity to shine, to break free from the expectations, and to choose your own path in this world. This year, juniors will make choices that will affect their futures, and bravely accept whatever life offers. This year, juniors mature into young adults.

So, let’s survive well, junior class. It’s crunch time.

– Sarah Chin (’16)

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