Just Keep Swimming: Thoughts from the Varsity Swim Team

The 2014-15 swim season has officially begun, and our three captains, Joonyon Park, Joonki Jin, and Jennifer Choi are here to tell us all about what makes the team float.

Varsity Swim Team 2013-14 // Jennifer Choi (’15)

With the worst of the winter chills come and gone, it’s time for a new season. No more will we hear the heavy thundering of feet as the basketball players sprint across the gym, or watch in awe as the cheer teams perform their outstanding stunts.

Now, as the weather warms up, swim season begins with practices starting on February 24. Returning and new swimmers participated and swum their best at tryouts which had lasted from February 10 to 14. The results came out on the 16th, with 14 boys and 12 girls on the Varsity Swim Team.

Although swimming is an individual sport, the KIS varsity swim team is one of the most united teams that there are, and one of the few sports where girls and guys work together. We asked the varsity swim team captains, Joonyon Park, Joonki Jin, and Jennifer Choi to describe how the team remains so devoted.

From left to right: Gloria Lee (’15), Minji Kang (’15), Jennifer Choi (’15), Joonki Jin (’15), Joonyon Park (’15) // (Jennifer Choi ’15)

What do you think makes the swim team such a close-knit team, despite everyone swimming their own individual events?

“We swimmers exercise in synergy. If you slowly end your set due to mere exhaustion, your teammate in the lane will encourage you and get you going again. We are truly individuals when racing our own events to our best, but when the whole group gathers together after practices, shouts the cheer before tournaments, or gets the same haircut (the boys can testify), we cannot be a more close-knit team.”

– Joonyon Park (’15)


With all the new members coming in, do you think the atmosphere of the team will be vastly different from what it was like last year?

“I think the team atmosphere is always how the captains and the team make it to be; if we work together and help each other advance in everyone’s own ways, we can achieve more than we can individually and happily too.”

– Joonki Jin (’15)


What do you look forward to this season?

This season, I am looking forward to meeting new great swimmers and working together as one concrete team. –– Jennifer Choi (’15)

I look forward to seeing how much everyone can improve, especially since there are many returning members. It’s also intriguing to see how our entire team can become more of a family and progress together, rather than focusing on individual records.

– Joonki Jin (’15)


As a swimmer myself, I was first anxious about how there were so many incoming swimmers whose faces I had never seen before, and a bit doubtful of how close our team would become this year. After all, swimmers aim to gain better stamina and strength and improve their own, personal records. However, swimming is a team sport, and while swimmers may swim individual events, we train together as a family.

– Seiyeon Park (’17)

Header: Jennifer Choi (’15)

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