The First Homecoming

A short recap on the first ever Homecoming that KIS has ever witnessed.

(c. Student Council)

It’s been three weeks since school has started, and students already seem to be complaining about their immense workload, regarding standardized tests, projects, homeworks, and essays. Coming back to school after a long summer break–sure, this may be overwhelmingly exciting. However, returning to school just after three weeks? Not so much.


Hey, but our first week was filled with entertaining events, from pep rallies to wacky fashions. Plus, we had two chances to go watch our very own varsity and junior varsity basketball teams go against those of GSIS’ and SIS’. (Don’t forget about our lovely cheerleaders, too!) And at the end of the week, January 17th, Saturday, KIS had our very first homecoming dance. If you didn’t show up, you definitely missed out! But no worries, we are here to recap the fabulous event.


Sara Kim (’18) (c. Student Council)


L-R: Jungwoo Kim (’15), Eric Kwon (’15), Willy Yun (’16), Emma Yang (’15), Sophia Yu (’15) (c. Student Council)


Ms. Chang and Mr. van Moppes looking cute, as always. (c. Student Council)


Homecoming is an annual traditional dance party held in many high schools of the United States. It’s essentially a dance welcoming back students of a school, or in basic terms, a more casual form of prom. KIS’ homecoming featured a hollywood theme, filled with Oscar statues made of balloons, an all-you-can-eat buffet style appetizer table sponsored by On The Border, photo booths, and of course, a dance floor accompanied by a DJ. Student Council worked very hard on this project, and it was a great success. Students were able to forget about SATs and school until June for a whole night, while having a great time dancing, eating, and most importantly, enjoying one another’s company. Despite homecoming being something new for us KISians, it turned out such an amazing and memorable night. We look forward to next year’s homecoming dance, and more to come, as this years was a blast.


– Leona Maruyama (’17)

Header: Student Council


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