Speech & Debate Team Take Stanford

Check out our exclusive scoop of the KIS Speech and Debate Team’s week in one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Should just governments require that employers pay a living wage? Should voting be compulsory in a democracy? The KIS Speech & Debate Team confidently answered such controversial questions when they attended the Stanford Invitational Tournament from February 7, 2015 to February 9, 2015.

The KIS Speech & Debate Team is renowned for its successes in the KAIAC tournaments. The team was proudly presented the first place plaque for two years straight, and is currently first place overall for the ’14-’15 KAIAC rounds.

KAIAC 1st Place: “Most” of the KIS Debate Team gather to participate in the #3wselfie challenge that took place in KIS earlier this year.  // Monica Lee (’15)

And as a result of such successful results, the team was invited to the prestigious speech and debate tournament that took place at Stanford University. Despite the fact that these heavily involved individuals would be absent from several classes and would have to attend school right away the day after they returned with severe cases of jet lag, a number of the members took up the challenge with enthusiasm.

A Familiar Face: Jerry Kim (’16, right) and Ye Chan Song (’18, left) got to run into KIS alum Andrew Lee (’14, center, Stanford University). // Subin Hur (’16)

The tournament consisted of numerous different categories: National Extemp, International Extemp, Oratory, Dramatic, Spar, Expos, Duo, Humorous, Impromptu, Oratorical Interp, LD, Policy, Public Forum, Parliamentary, and Congress for both varsity and JV rounds. The KIS Debate Team participated in three different categories: LD, Public Forum, and Parliamentary, while the KIS Speech Team participated in one: Duo.

“It was truly an enlightening experience, during which I could witness the high quality debate at a national level,” said Subin Hur (’16) while participating in the Varsity Public Forum. “The amount of effort people put into the tournament was beyond my expectation.”

Another participant, Chanwu Oh (’16), who participated in Varsity Parliamentary, also had a lot to say about the tournament and the trip. “In terms of the debate, it was definitely fun, but most importantly it was different since American styles of debate have different rules and tactics compared to the Korean/Asian debates. We had to adjust our strategies on the spot, and I think that was very valuable in terms of adding to our experiences as debaters. In terms of the overall atmosphere, Stanford was beautiful, the people were awesome. It was fun!”

The tournament wasn’t the only component of the trip. After exhausting rounds of speech and debate, fun awaited the speakers and debaters.

All Work, Some Play: The KIS Speech and Debate Team take a break and tour the suburban scene of the Bay area. Looking like something straight out of a TV promo poster! They got to meet another KIS alum, Jenny Youn (’14, UC Berkeley). // Subin Hur (’16)

“We went on tours. We couldn’t explore too much of urban San Francisco, unfortunately, but we went around the rural suburbs, which looked awesome. We went shopping, which was awesome as well!” When asked about the most memorable part of their trip, Chanwu answered, “The food–In-N-Out, Panda Express. The food was one of the most memorable things other than the debates.”

Uncle Sam’s Devil’s Island: The team takes a photo in front of the Alcatraz Landing. // Subin Hur (’16)

A huge round of applause goes to Joy Youn (’17) and Amy Kang (’17), who placed fourth in the JV Duo category for Speech. Congratulations!

“The experience was different from our KAIAC tournaments in many aspects, such as the debate style,” Jerry Kim (’16) commented. And like he said, the trip was no doubt an entertaining and educational experience, but also a very different event. Hopefully, next year’s tournament will bestow even richer experiences for all.

– Serim Jang (’16)

Header: Subin Hur (’16)

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