#KISRAK: A Week of Kindness

Free cookies, red carpet, hot packs, hot chocolates, balloons on the ceiling galore! #KISRAK has done it again.

Last week was #KISRAK week, which stands for “KIS Random Acts of Kindness”. The point of this week was to spread kindness around KIS, and many clubs participated by doing kind things that represented the purpose of their clubs. For example, National Honor Society (NHS) gave out hot packs in the mornings, National Art Honor Society (NAHS) handmade cards for random people, Student Council members passed around drinks to the cleaning crew, bus drivers, cafeteria crew, and security guards, Model United Nations (MUN) members gave out free hugs, and a lot more. The hallways were decorated with colorful balloons, red carpets, posters, etc. and there were many events in the cafeteria during lunch like flash mobs, free candy, and even hugs from our mascot Philbert.

Free Hugs!: Nadia Kim (’15) and Min Jee Moon (’17) pose for Joonyon Park (’15) with their toasty hot packs and adorable poster. // Justin Kwon (’16)

Many of the random acts of kindness were documented through photos on social media. KIS students posted pictures of nice things people did for them on Facebook and added the hashtag “#KISRAK”. This increased awareness of #KISRAK week and allowed students to thank each other for the kind actions. There was also a club selfie contest on Facebook. Each club that wanted to participate took a selfie and posted it with a kind message and “#KISRAK”. The winning club is to have a pizza party.

Goin’ All Out: The Student Council shows us what they’ve got — literally. // KIS Student Council (FB)

Big groups and clubs weren’t the only ones taking part in #KISRAK. Students individually did nice things for their friends and teachers as well. Throughout the week, there were bigger smiles and greetings and more “yes”s than “no”s. Students helped each other, gave each other more compliments, and there was more positivity in the school overall. Sydney Rich (9) said, “#KISRAK week was really uplifting to me.  It was nice that other people would do nice things for you… some people I didn’t even know did generous things for me.  Let’s do it again!”


Likewise, many students and staff enjoyed #KISRAK week and are looking forward to it next year.

– Minji Kim (’18)

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