Best Friend Confessions

Best friends: you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.

Best friends. They’re the Fred Flintstone to our Barney Rubble, the Bert to our Ernie, and the Olaf to our Anna. More often than not, they drive us crazy, but you can’t stay mad at them for long, since you need to tell them the latest gossip. They’re available for 3:00 AM phone calls, Friday night pig-outs, and crazy sleepovers where you don’t sleep at all. They’re your soulmates, saviors, and siblings, and you just can’t help but feel grateful.


Below are a few (true!) confessions that your best friends want you to know. Read them, cherish them, and treasure them, just like how they adore you.

Love in AP Lang: Best friends Yunji Lee (’16) and Jaye Ahn (’16) give each other a heartwarming hug after rigorously writing an essay for Mr. van Moppes. (Jamine Kang (’16))

Dear best friend(s),


  1. “Honestly, thank you for being such a great friend, for making me a better person. I love how we’re so comfortable around each other, and I love knowing that I can completely be myself around you. This year has been tough for the both of us, but I know by the end of it we’ll be that much stronger! Hehe. Let’s finish strong and play a lot during senior second semester!”


  1. “You and I share so many topics that we never run out of things to say. We talk for couple of hours on the phone yet we still end our conversation saying, ‘Let’s talk more when we meet this weekend.’ And when a tiring week of school ends and the weekend finally comes, we pile up even more stories to share in our bucket list of “stories to share with each other.” We talk about the nonsense things that happened to us at school, crazy things we heard, and even the most embarrassing things that happened to us.”


  1. “My friendship with you not only makes me feel like I always have someone to trust, but it also makes me a better person.”


  1. “Our friendship has gone to the point where you Snapchat me while you poop. I’m not sure whether to be happy about that or scared.”


  1.  “I like how I can feel that you care for me from the bottom of your heart. I also like how I can care for you too from the bottom of my heart. I want to embrace everything about you, regardless of whether they are good or bad. But when you keep secrets from me, and try to laugh your way out of it, it ticks me off.”


  1. “Just being with you makes me someone else. You’re there at my highest highs; you listen after my lowest lows. Thank you bestie, and I love you!”


  1. “I can’t thank you enough for being who you are and not trying to be someone else.”


  1. “Sometimes I can feel that you’re faking a laugh in front of other people. But those people don’t seem to realize it. The fact that I can recognize your fake self makes me your true BFF, right? I hope you, too, can detect my fake laughs when others can’t.”


  1. “We rarely get mad at each other. But when we do, we automatically sense that something is wrong and try to talk it out. You and I both know that hiding our complaints we have for each other is the worst thing we can do to our friendship. The more we share our deep feelings towards each other, our friendship gets tighter and tighter. When you open up your feelings to me about the things I did that hurt you, I feel grateful and relieved that you made me realize my flaws and gave me a chance to fix those problems.”


  1. “Thank you for putting up with all the times I slapped you with excitement, ranted my problems, and got you in trouble. You’re irreplaceable.”


Forever yours,

Your Best Friend

Hunter Lee’s Latest Catch: Tiffany Sung (’16) and Taeshin (Hunter) Lee (’16) cozy up on the high school third floor. Talk about the cutest best friends pairing there ever was! Or is it perhaps more? (Justin Kwon (’16))

Simply put, they’re the best things—worst enemies, long lost siblings, partners in crime—that have ever happened to us. They’re weird, they’re immature, and often times they can be plain annoying. But they understand us (sometimes even better than we do ourselves) and accept us for who we are, and what’s more to ask than that?


“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” — Thomas Aquinas

– Emily Kim (’16)

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