Blueprint Takes COEX: What To Eat

Sometimes, you just gotta #TREATYOSELF.

Bored on a weekend? Need a time-out from the academic rigor? Why not #TREATYOSELF with a trip to COEX? With its recent innovation, it’s a perfect venue for shopping, eating, and simply winding down with your friends – all in one place.

A place with a definitely lighter mood, the interior of this breakfast spot is lined with rose gold pans and other cool knick knacks that welcome the guests in. // Faith Choi (’16)
  1. Creammou


  • Rating: 3.5/5
It’s a bit heavy on the sweets, especially because of the whipped cream, maple syrup, sugar powder, and hot chocolate, but it all works together to create something beautiful in your mouth. // Faith Choi (’16)

Creammou is a homey and cozy breakfast shop. With a reasonable pricing of 6,000 won and phenomenal pancakes, I would say Creammou is worth a visit (perhaps even a re-visit). The pancakes are not too overwhelming – they are, rather, delightfully light and fluffy. Perfect for a quick bit of breakfast that you missed! Hot chocolate, on the other hand, was “a little too sweet”, according to Sarah Chin (‘16), and wasn’t worth the 4,500 won she handed over at the counter.

The second you enter, you’re hit with dim lighting and the smell of scrumptious baked goods. // Faith Choi (’16)
  1. Eskimo

  • Rating: 4/5

“It tastes like something my grandma would bake for me, but that doesn’t even make sense because neither of them bake.” – Faith Choi (‘16)

The antique-looking plates that deliver the delicious treats just make the entire experience that much better. // Faith Choi (’16)

Eskimos is a dessert shop that sells a variety of tummy-filling pastries. Their Chocolate Eclair, a little overpriced at 2,500 won, is not only sweet but also carries an amazing aftertaste. In my opinion, it was slightly small in portion, but try it yourself to be certain! Mmm, their Lemon Tart Meringue was beyond sublime; it’s a perfect balance between sweet and sour. The crust was its best part! The mini apple pie also had impressive crusts, but, disappointingly, it was extremely hard to eat, especially when sharing with three other individuals. However, after an arduous task of splitting the pie, it was worth it; it was a great balance with the lemon tart meringue. Eskimo carries an authentic ambience with hints of hipster vibes here and there, but the lighting is horrendous. No #selfie in this place for sure!

As soon as it hit 1 PM, Shybana started filling up. Faith Choi (’16)
  1. Shybana

  • Rating: 3/5
It’s a beauty so far, but that’s only because the Sirloin Steak hasn’t arrived yet. // Faith Choi (’16)

While we entered wildly excited for some Southern comfort lunch, Shybana provided us with an ample disappointment. Let’s start on a brighter note, shall we? The Louisiana Cajun Chicken Pasta was, actually, quite good. A flavorful dish with perfectly cooked chicken – tender on the inside, crispy on the outside – was enough to get five hungry girls excited. It was well-paired with the bacon mac and cheese ordered, which also had satisfying texture, saltiness, and flavor (plus croutons on the side), not too greasy or cheesy. The disappointment came with the third dish: sirloin steak. It was not at all like the picture on the menu: overcooked meat, undercooked garlic, too small in portion and thickness. Thankfully, it had good acidity with its lemon flavor, which (almost) remedied all else.

Check out how fancy this place is! // Faith Choi (’16)
  1. Chloris Tea and Coffee


  • Rating: 3.5/5
Daisy Kim (’16) greedily reaches for the hot black milk tea. // Faith Choi (’16)

Before anything, Chloris Tea and Coffee is an epitome of properness; we felt–inevitably–a little bit out of place. The Black Cream Milk Tea we ordered was light and smooth, not too overwhelming with a great balance of milk and tea. However, there were mixed reactions on the cream that came with the tea. Some felt that there was too much foam to dig through to reach the gist of the drink, while some others felt it was an elegant touch to a mundane menu like black milk tea: you decide for yourself!

– Lina Oh (’16)

Header: Jaye Ahn (’16)

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