Best and Worst Films of 2014 by Mr. Joo

Mr. Joo is back with his latest movie reviews for 2014.

10.  John Wick

“Satisfying action flick that’s like a good round of a shoot ‘em all video game.”


9.  The Interview

“It felt good to exercise my democratic right to laugh at some Seth Rogen crude humor.”


8.  Draft Day

“Kevin Costner is at his best when starring in sports films…reminder of his glory days.”


7.  American Sniper

“Politics and controversies aside, Bradley Cooper’s superb performance is enough to make this one of this year’s best.”


6.  Boyhood

“Pretty hard not to be impressed by Richard Linklater’s 12 year effort.”


5.  Grand Budapest Hotel

“Been waiting a long time for the second Wes Anderson film I liked (first since Royal Tenenbaums).”


4.  Two Days, One Night

“Simple honest look at ordinary people and their reaction to difficult situations.”


3.  Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

“A blockbuster with substance.”


2.  Foxcatcher

“How this was snubbed for the Best Picture Academy Award is a mystery.”


1.  Gone Girl
“Flawless movie…David Fincher’s best since Fight Club.”



10. Into the Woods

“Forgettable…other than Meryl Streep’s performance.”


9.  The Theory of Everything

“Most overrated film of the year…a mediocre biopic at best.”


8.  300:  Rise of an Empire

“Violence couldn’t be any more tedious in this failed attempt to revive the original.”


7.  Noah

“So dull…Evan Almighty didn’t seem all that bad after watching this.”


6.  The Fault in our Stars

“Relentless force-feeding of sappiness too exhausting to sit through.”


5.  Lucy

“Hard to believe Scarlett Johansson was once in gems like Lost in Translation and Ghost World.”


4.  Godzilla

“It was 90 minutes into the film until anything happened…and so many talented actors wasted on nothing roles.”


3.  The Angriest Man in Brooklyn

“Such a shame this had to be Robin Williams’ last film.”


2.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

“There was no need to reopen the manhole to let these reptiles see the light of day again.”


1.  Transformers:  Age of Extinction

“No surprise here.”



5.  The Divine Move (신의한수)

“Never knew a movie about baduk can be so exciting.”


4.  Han Gong-ju (한공주)

“Upsetting but intriguing story about a girl’s struggle to find herself after a traumatic event.”


3.  Miss Granny (수상한그녀)

“Same old Freaky Friday story…but a darn funny one.”


2.  My Love, Don’t Cross That River (님아, 그 강을 건너지 마오)

“Haven’t shed so many tears in a movie theatre since I watched ET as a 2nd grader.”


1.  Whistle Blower (제보자)

“Based on the true story of Dr. Hwang Woo-Suk’s fabricated stem cell research…Park Hae-il delivers a great performance to add to the screenplay’s take on Korea’s modern history and social criticism.”



5.  The Royal Tailor (상의원)

“It’s about as fun as you’d think a film about tailors would be.”


4.  My Dictator (나의독재자)

“Expected more for a film with such interesting premise.”


3.  Sea Fog (해무)

“Perfectly titled for such a haze of a movie.”


2.  Scarlet Innocence (마담뺑덕)

“More ridiculous than even the most outrageous Korean drama plot.”


1.  Big Match (빅 매치)
“Dullest movie ever for a film that was billed as an “action” flick.”

– Mr. Joo (Teacher)
Header: Mr. Joo (Teacher)

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