Spring Cleaning: Time To Start Anew

It’s time to open the windows, and do what you should’ve done for a very, very long time.

Finally, the cold weather has broken and civilians have shed their puffy winter parkas. As spring approaches, it’s time to let out the dust that has gathered in our rooms—and also in our minds.

Not everyone truly enjoys cleaning, but it’s worth it in the end. (Daniel Park ’17)

In the winter, it was easy for us to toss our belongings haphazardly across the room and bundle ourselves up into a blanket burrito. However, with the new weather it’s time to reorganize and make our spaces a lot more navigable.

If it’s proving to be a bit of a struggle, you can always resort to this. (FOX)

First, set the mood!

Open your windows and curtains to let in the light, and play some pumped up jams! It’s important to create a stress-free environment so that you’re not as reluctant to clear out your room.

We know it’s a mess at the start, but dividing it will put your organization into a different perspective, and help you have a better start to your cleaning. Plus, the task won’t look as daunting. (Daniel Park ’17)

Then, divide and conquer.

It’s impossible to clean your entire room at once, so split it into different parts- like your desk, your closet, or your dresser, and tackle them one by one! Not only is it a lot more manageable, but dividing this task into smaller chunks will allow you to work through it over a course of days, instead of having to dedicate an entire day to your room.

Tall or short, piles are gonna be your best friend for spring cleaning. You might want to keep them in a manageable size, though. You don’t want things toppling over! (Daniel Park ’17)

Also, don’t be afraid of piles.

In order to get rid of that huge mass of papers, books, and knickknacks off your desk, take it all down and put everything into ‘yes’, ‘no’, and ‘maybe’ groups. Objects that you use or wear regularly should go into your ‘yes’ pile, while things that you haven’t touched in a year or have passed their expiration dates should be tossed into the ‘no’ pile.

Don’t panic if you don’t know how to answer something. Just sleep on it, do something else, and maybe you’ll be able to answer it then. (http://ceceschmidt.tumblr.com/)

Ask yourself—and answer them, definitely.

For the items in your ‘maybe’ pile, it all comes down to this. Are you going to wear that tiny t-shirt that you’ve kept since middle school? Or use the moisturizer that’s keep sitting in your desk drawer for over a year? Keep a few sentimental items if they mean a lot to you, but make sure to restrain yourself from having a superfluous collection of old memories and mementos. Remember, spring is about starting anew! So don’t hesitate to get rid of your past belongings in order to progress forward.

Maybe you should, indeed. (Columbia Pictures)

Fresh starts don’t have to be just about cleaning your room—it’s also about restarting your outlook on life.

If you’re feeling uninspired and down, take this time to develop what you love the most. Stacy Jo (‘17), has a passion for music and singing, but, like everyone else, has times when she feels sick of it.

“But after a while, I just pick myself up and start again, because I know I can’t really live without it. And even when I hate it, at the same time it’s what keeps me going; I can’t live without my singing or my music.”

The Finish Line: Congrats, you did it! Don’t you already feel better? (Daniel Park ’17)

So embrace the sunny skies and warm atmosphere! Spring is a time to motivate yourself, to expand and tend to your passions like the budding flowers of a cherry blossom tree. Spring-cleaning your room will not only allow a clutter-free environment, but will also help you achieve a calmer, stressless sense of mind.

Special thanks to our model Wonil Chung (’17)!

– Seiyeon Park (’17)

Captions: Faith Choi (’16)
Header: Disney

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