The Return of the Green Running Man

Are you ready for greenest event of the year?

Let me guess, you’ll probably sitting in a brightly lit room with the heat turned on, with multiple electronics lined up by your side, all up and running. The idea of “renewing energy” or “being green” is one that goes way too often over our heads – people could not care less. Since 2012, NHS has been holding their annual Green Events in order to designate a whole week to increase our awareness of the environment. From a dance to an iPhone game come-to-life, every event has never failed to creatively promote “being green”. Inspired by the SBS show, Running Man (런닝맨), this year’s Green Running Man Returns is repeating the 2013 Green Running Man event, including all the tagging and chasing frenzy, mini games, trashball hunts, and more fun.

Current President of NHS, Joonyon Park (’15), gave us a rundown of NHS’s tradition with the Green Event, and what NHS has in store for us this year:

BLUEPRINT (BP): How did it all start?

Joonyon Park (JYP): The first NHS green event was called “Dance For Green” back in 2012.  Students were invited to dance at the Conference Hall after school to raise awareness of the environment.

BP: How was the first event? And how has it developed over the years?

JYP: The dance unfortunately, didn’t turn out well, so in 2013, NHS hosted its first successful Green Running Man event with a full environmental theme.

Run, Forest, run! (Green Running Man 2014, NHS)

JYP: Last year, NHS made another green event called Plants vs. Zombies, which was also very successful and fun.

Plants vs. Zombies 2014 (NHS)

JYP: This year, we’re bringing the return of the Green Running Man, with many more upgrades and environmental games than of 2013’s!

BP: What’s different and/or significant about this event from the past events?

JYP: This year’s event is primarily improving many of the unforeseen flaws in the Green Running Man event of 2013. There will be more running, more thinking, more fun. NHS will also be hosting more classroom games with deeper environmental messages, and we’re hoping this event makes people rethink their approach to today’s fragile environment.

GRM poster2
Green Running Man Returns 2015 (NHS)

BP: How much time and effort have gone into making the event possible?

JYP: A whole bunch. Hardcore preparation didn’t even begin yet, but members are already building classroom games and filming videos. The officers are putting in much more effort, mostly dealing with the logistical side of the event. We just had a 4 hour skype meeting yesterday! Of course, we’re always grateful to the faculty for allowing this event to happen and letting us use their classrooms! 

BP: Is there anything special you’re looking forward to?

JYP: Like all school events, we’re looking forward to the fun and meaningful memories the participants will take away in the end. I’m personally looking forward to how far this event will grow and develop in the coming years!

(c) Jay Lee
(c) Sean D Kim

BP: What’s your favorite aspect of the event?

JYP: Definitely the planning of it and imagining everyday how fun the event can turn out to be. 

BP: Any last words?

JYP: Let’s all go green until we create a healthy environment that doesn’t need any awareness to raise.

BP: Thank you Joonyon for all your time and effort!

JYP: Sure thing! Gotta give everything back before I leave.

As an NHS member myself, I’m annually blown away by the level of work and dedication that I see from the officers and members. I know as a fact that the Green Event (and honestly every event) is the result of hundreds of hours and hundreds of hands all together that have made it possible.

From the school-wide energy-saving competitions during Green Week a couple of years back, to something as small as changing the bathroom paper towels to a recycled ones, NHS has helped to remind KIS all the little ways we can change to be more environmentally aware and friendly.

– Jaye Ahn (’16)

Captions: Jaye Ahn (’16)
Header: NHS

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