The Best and Worst Deli Food

To love it or to hate it, that is the question.

You can’t help but have a hate-love relationship with KIS’ deli food.

They can be your savior when you’re looking for that extra something to keep your mouth occupied after a(n) (un)satisfying lunch, but they can also be quite a disappointment when you make the wrong selections. When making the decision that will determine whether you will wind up craving or disliking the deli food, make sure to keep your eyes open for the following treats that the KIS student body has chosen as their best and worst.

Ice cream and a cookie. What could possibly go wrong? (Daniel Park ’17)


  1. Cookie—Simply put, it’s the best comfort food the deli offers. And like how all good things come in twos, the deli’s cookies also have two types. First, there’s the classic and chic chocolate chip cookie. When it’s freshly brought out from the oven, the buttery goodness decorated with large chunks of rich, oozing chocolate will never fail to impress. It’s sweet—to the perfect degree—, it’s chewy, and not to mention beautifully round. Its sister, the macadamia cookie, is also as scrumptious, if not more so. When you’re feeling a little “nutty”, try taking a different route and opt for this little goody.
  2. Ice cream—KIS’ own version of a froyo. This frozen dessert is so popular that there’s a ticking time bomb attached to it; if you’re too late, you may run into the devastating experience of watching the person in front of you greedily take hold of the last ice cream. Why is it in such high demand? Well, it’s ice cream (duh) and you can choose its topping! Whether you sprinkle it with crunchy cereal or envelop it in glazing blueberry, I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!
Greasy, cold, and just downright gross. Only get this if you are very, extremely, ridiculously desperate for something to eat. (Daniel Park ’17)


  1. Hamburger—Hmm… Well, to be fair it is a patty of minced beef between two pieces of bread (maybe just not the best one). The bread is cold, the meat is rock solid and like thick, chewy leather, and the vegetables inside could be a bit more fresh. Also, just a quick warning that you may end up with hamburger-breath afterwards—definitely not a pleasant smell. If you’re looking for something juicy, healthy, and neat probably not your number one choice!
  2. Pizza—It glistens, but not in the good way. Slathered with an overflow of grease, you even need an oil paper to keep it under control. Not only that, but this is covered with cheese, and only cheese. If you choose the combination option, your pizza will be spiced up with the extra complimentary toppings of dried up veggies. Yum.


But regardless of whether they are the best or the worst, it’s undeniable that the deli foods are what provides us with momentary feelings of relief. After all, whether it’d be during breakfast, lunch, after-school, or even between classes (Sneaky, sneaky), they are always waiting for us, packed and ready to go. Now, take a short trip down to the cafeteria and tell us what you think!

Special thanks to our model Wonil Chung (’17)!

– Emily Kim (’16)

Captions: Faith Choi (’16)
Header: Daniel Park (’17)

What are your favorite and least favorite deli foods? Leave us a comment down below!

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