Shining Stars (& Apparel) of the Oscars 2015

From Benedict Cumberbatch to Emma Stone, we’ve got the best dressed from this year’s Academy Awards.

Talented, beautiful, AND well-dressed! It’s that time of the year again to be stunned by the magnificence of the Oscar nominees. From elegant white to emerald green; from umbrellas (?!) to a Jesus look-a-like(?!), the Oscars’ staggering fashion never fails to disappoint the eyes.


Here are 9 standouts of Oscar 2015 from Blueprint to you:

Simple and Fitted: Reese Witherspoon (still trying to shake off NPH’s disappointing pun at the Oscars) surprised her fans with a simple, black and white dress, but pulled it off to make it every bit as amazing as it looked on her. (The Academy Awards 2015)

Reese Witherspoon: B&W

Nothing screams simplicity like black and white. Reese Witherspoon elevates a rather mundane combination of colors to another level of sophistication with her dress designed by Tom Ford. Her goddess-like figure accentuates the already-established elegance of the black and white.

A Vision in Pearl: Lupita Nyong’o, last year’s winner of the Best Supporting Actress for her role in 12 Years A Slave, dazed the crowd with her beautifully elegant pearl dress by Calvin Klein. It apparently got stolen last Tuesday, but the dress has thankfully been found. Guess that’s the norm when you own a precious $150,000 dress. (The Academy Awards 2015)

Lupita Nyong’o: No Need for Words

She aces every time. Following last year’s beautiful baby-blue dress, Lupita Nyong’o strikes again – this time in pearl white, literally. Graduating from the youthful dresses of the past, Nyong’o oozes gracefulness and maturity through her sleek, embroidered pearl dress. With the subtle, cool-toned accents on her ears and fingers, Nyong’o truly brought a 10/10 to the carpet again.

Old Hollywood: As stunning as ever, Emma Stone wowed the crowd with her long, detailed dress, open back, and classic Hollywood hair that only her and all her red-headed-glory could pull off. (The Academy Awards 2015)

Emma Stone: The Golden Beauty

True beauty resonates from a beautiful heart, and we might as well put “Emma Stone” as the definition of beauty. Emma Stone blinds the eyes of the audience once again with her ____ in her daring, delicate golden dress. With the slight tan she has acquired over the years, gold was the perfect option for Stone.

The Couple of the Hour: The Cumberbatch couple turned heads during their appearance on the red carpet, with future Mrs. Cumberbatch’s gorgeous red dress nicely complimenting the red carpet and contrasting nicely with Mr. Cumberbatch’s suit. (The Academy Awards 2015) 

Sophie Hunter: Simply Red

Recently, Cumberbatch followers had to renounce their beloved British darling to Ms. Sophie Hunter (soon to be Mrs. Sophie Cumberbatch). Despite the lament, we have to admit that she looks astonishing in this all-red dress. Hunter’s number is perhaps the most basic of all the nominees, a simple red cloth with a side slit, but she was able to upgrade it to an Oscar-worthy (and Cumberbatch-worthy) apparel.

Under My Umbrella: Although we’re not totally sure what look Jared Leto is going for here, if it’s him trying to be Mary-Poppins-Meets-Jesus, he totally pulls it off, umbrella and all. (The Academy Awards 2015) 

Jared Leto: (A Little Too) Creative

Jared Leto, whipping his astoundingly long and luscious ombré hair, enters the carpet in a baby violet suit with… with a contrastingly black umbrella. Leto’s joviality, creativity, and his Jesus-esq appearance captivated Blueprint’s attention.

New Classic: Although he plays a bit of a mad character in The Grand Budapest Hotel, Adrien Brody showed a different side of him with a sensible, sight-for-sore-eyes-esque suit. (The Academy Awards 2015) 

Adrien Brody: Charming All Over

Amid the all-black suits explosion of Oscars 2015, Adrien Brody deserves some credit with his white and black suit. His ever-so-attractive eyebrows and mustache deserve some credit too.

The Theory of Eddie: My theory is that he can just pull anything off. And look at that pose! He’s got everything on lock down, from the smile, to the hand positioning, to the slightly leaning forward, to the suit. (The Academy Awards) 

Eddie Redmayne: Sweetie Eddie

Perhaps it’s the height? Or the sweetheart smile? Whatever it is, Eddie Redmayne brought his crisp and proper British essence to brighten up the red carpet. Although not creative or unique, Redmayne’s suit unquestionably enhances the aesthetics of this year’s Oscars. His down-to-earth speech was heart-warming, too – just like him and his outfit.

– Lina Oh (’16)

Header: The Academy Awards, Hollywood Life

Captions: Faith Choi (’16)

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