8 Spring Break 2k15 Must-Haves

Spring break: the perfect, one-week getaway from all your stressful homework and exams. Here are eight must-have items for Spring Break (especially for all the girls out there).


Although we still are wrapped with coats and scarves to resist the biting cold and coping with the never ending hell weeks of school, it is evident that a godsend is on its way. When the final bell rings at 2:54 PM on March 20, 2015, we will be free to indulge in anything and everything for a gratifying nine and a half days. Spring break is just around the corner, and we must prepare ourselves to savor every moment of it. Here, are just a few must-haves, mostly for our ladies, that will make the upcoming spring break an unforgettable one, so scurry and gather what you don’t have!


1. Masks

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Always, safety (and health) first! The yellow dust blowing over from China does not yet show signs of ceasing, and it would most likely linger until spring break. Even now, it won’t hurt to buy a mask, since recently, the area around our campus has reached a hazardous fine dust measurement of 318 ㎍/㎥.


2. Cooler Shade Attire


Pantone, a corporation that works with technology to accurately communicate color, received recognition from artists, designers, and stylists from around the world. Recently, they revealed the top color trends for Spring 2015. Most likely, this year’s spring fashion trends will involve Pantone’s selected colors, so if you’re wanting to follow the fad, shop for clothes with cooler, blue, green shades.


3. Scarves

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By March, hopefully, it would be much warmer here in Korea, but occasional chills will be inevitable. Classy scarves will keep you both warm and up to date.


4. Flats and Sandals

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Enough with the Uggs and knee-high boots! The time has arrived for some skin. Let your feet breathe in the spring air along with you. But, please, make sure it’s clean of dead skin and fully moisturized.


5. Cozy Cardigans and Sweaters

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Sweater weather’s officially begun by March. Cardigans and sweaters are available in countless designs, colors, and patterns, so finding the right one that suits your taste would be of ease. This goes for our men as well!


6. Bright Lipstick

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Students often look significantly different in school and out of school. For girls, it’s most likely because of their makeup, and not many are an exception to this phenomenon. It’s time for vacation, and if you don’t have the time during school days to look gorgeous, well, spring should give you the time to do so. One way girls can appear more vibrant is by applying lipstick. It’s nice to keep in mind that warm toned skin goes well with coral and orange shades while cool, lighter toned skin benefits from pink and red shades of lipstick.


7. The Perfect Music Playlist


Of course, whether you’re going on a trip with your family, a night out with your friends, or spending quality time with yourself at home, good music is a must. Perhaps some cliche spring tunes by Busker Busker? Sentimental melodies by Barcelona for lonely, chilly nights? Or Flume, just because?


8. School Supplies

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Some of us may take spring break to our advantage as extra time to prepare for the AP Exams. During spring break, take use of the time to organize your study materials. Buy notebooks and looseleaf paper, replace dying pens, and refill your mechanical pencil with determined lead. I’d rather not though.


– Becky Yang (’16)

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