Blackout’s Premiere

It’s the biggest dance PREMIERE of the year.

Let’s face it…you have nothing to do on Friday this week (again). You’ll just get on the school bus, go home, and spend 6+ hours on your laptop doing absolutely nothing. But wait. What if I told you there is an amazing event to go to this Friday, March 13th? Because there is. Get ready to go watch Premiere, KIS Advanced Dance Team’s very own dance showcase!

Premiere ( Joey Park ’18)

You’ve seen them everywhere at pep rallies, KIS Got Talent, and even in the cafeteria. And now, they present you with an all new performance filled with dazzling music, moves, and spirit. A performance like this does not simply happen within a day or two of preparation. The dance members have sacrificed their after-school free time, lunch, and even weekends for many weeks to prepare for Premiere. As Stacy Jo (‘17), a member of the dance team words it: “It takes so much work and effort, especially because there are so many people involved in each dance,” which is absolutely true. KIS’s dance team, otherwise known as Blackout, consists of twenty members, including five extremely hard working officers, Kate Won Young Cho (‘15), Lisa Dain Lee (‘15), Jamine Kang (‘16), Yuna Shin (‘17), and Ga Young Lee (‘17). Despite the hardships of trying to get everything under control and matching schedules with one another, the members, together with the officers work together and collaborate for their performance.

Dance Team looking totes adorbs! (Joey Park ’18)

For all members, dance is not only a hobby, but also a passion. Kay Herr (‘18) is thrilled to be a part of the showcase because, “Dance showcase is an opportunity to express who I am, what I love, and why I’m in the dance club.” It’s a stage for us to see who the dancers really are, and their final work of art consisting of hardcore dance schedules and true dedication. The Dance Team President, Kate Won Young Cho (‘15) says, “I am very proud of my club members and am honored to have them as my teammates!” The officers committed their time into teaching dance moves, while members learned them to turn them from simple body movements into an actual routine, with songs including Menboong (멘붕) by CL, 7/11 by Beyoncé, and Slide by Missy Elliot.

Premiere Poster (Joey Park ’18)

Still not convinced enough? Consider this. There are other schools joining KIS for the performance. SIS, SFS, GSIS, and YISS are all joining Premiere to perform as well. It gives us an opportunity to get closer with other schools, and to bond with one another. “It doesn’t matter if we don’t know each other–during the time that we dance, we set aside all differences and bond instantly,” explains Vice President of the Advanced Dance Club, Jamine Kang (‘16). “The moment we start dancing, there’s an instant connection. It’s hard to explain, but a certain spark ignites all of us to become one.” As a member of the dance team myself, I’m seriously excited for this showcase to happen. It’s a chance for us to show KIS what we’re made of; what we define ourselves as. Dance is not just a sport for us. It’s who we are. We hope you could come watch us and have an awesome time, because as Joey Park (‘18), – the dance team’s very own cameraman (who by the way, is also performing a song) – states, “Watching people dance not only make me entertained, but also makes me want to dance!” Join us this Friday, March 13th, at the PAC, because you’ll be able to experience and see what Blackout is really about.

P.S. Please come and watch our showcase! – Kate Won Young Cho (‘15)

– Leona Maruyama (’17)

Header: Joey Park (’18)

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