Sights by Ms. LaRue

“I hope I see all of this before another fifty rides around the sun.”

So I have ridden the planet around the sun over fifty times now and I have seen some things. I saw disco and the associated clothing. It was not scary at the time. I saw a president resign and that was kinda scary for a kid. I saw a man walk on the moon. It was AWESOME. I saw a hockey team defeat all odds and win the gold. It was strangely, patriotically, inspiring. I saw college. It was spectacular. I saw a man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. It was wonderful. I saw the beginning of rap. It was interesting. I saw a wall come tumbling down. It was electrifying. I saw the sunset on the pyramids of Egypt and the sunrise over the sunflower fields of South Africa. Traveling is delightful. I saw the beginnings of comprehension of the human effects on the environment, and the accompanying arguments about climate change. It was disheartening. I saw the advent of computers and the internet. It was bewildering, at first. I saw the Sydney Opera House and the Vatican.  Again, traveling is delightful. I saw planes fly into buildings. It was horrifying. I saw significant improvements in honoring civil rights. It was, and is, a potential promise of a better future.

But I hope to see even more. I hope I will see a change in the current THEM OR US structure that dominates in much political and social discourse. Life is generally in the middle. There are always more than just two choices. I hope I will see the end of territorial expansionist policies by governments and others. It is all just dirt on the same planet and most of us live in concrete towers now anyway. Perhaps it would be a benefit if we all remembered that we are members of the same race – the human race. I hope I will see changes in the ways we address poverty. There is always enough food every year to produce more humans but clearly not enough to sustain their survival in the manner in which we have chosen to feed them. It would probably help if the Americans would cease their obesity epidemic. Right now, it seems that one out of every three people in the US ¬†weighs more than the other two combined. I hope I will see legitimate forays into space. This is a no-brainer. I hope I will see a worldwide decrease in sleep anorexia. Electricity only meant lights at night. It did not mean for us to deny ourselves sleep. I hope I see a change in the way we treat the planet. We are not the only species here – nor the most important. I hope I see a renewal in appreciation for art, for art’s sake. I hope I see more thinking. The more science advancements we achieve, the more ethical contemplation we will need. I hope I see the end of rape.

I hope I see all of this before another fifty rides around the sun.

– Ms. Carmen LaRue

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