JooBang: The Place of Dreams (and Lunch)

Come one, come all, to the hallowed bang of Joo.

Joobang: The sanctuary of Mr. Joo.

Are you tired of the cafeteria food? Have you ever wanted a place to eat lunch peacefully? Do you like Mr. Joo’s taste in music? Then come to Joobang! Mr. Joo’s room, on the first floor of the HS Building, is always open every high school lunch for students to, well, just chill. They are free to do whatever they wish, whether it’s studying, eating, chatting, watching a movie, or asking the sagacious Mr. Joo for life advice.

(Sarah Chin, ’16) 

Why do people choose to go to Joobang? We asked some of the Joobang “regulars” and here’s what they had to say.


“If I don’t have Joobang I don’t know where I’ll be. The one time it was closed when Mr. Joo was gone, I was so upset. It’s the one place where I get to see my friends all at one place, and a place to chill after a long day. I like how Mr. Joo really doesn’t care what we do. And I like his music.”

  • Jaye Ahn (‘16)


“I come for the music and people. I also feel healthier eating my mom’s food rather than the MSG-infested JJ catering food.”

  • Faith Choi (‘16)


“Well, my table isn’t very active anymore and the cafeteria or library is too loud so I can’t hear people talk. And, it’s closer to classes, because I mean the cafeteria is literally underground.”

  • Daisy Kim (‘16)


“Cuz it’s quiet, it’s chill, and it’s not crowded.”

  • Jiyoung Choi (‘16), Junghyun Kim (‘16), Nicole Son (‘16)


“I come just to chill. I do my homework or just talk with friends. I don’t like [the] atmosphere at the library and how I have to put my bag in the cabinet.”

  • Austin Kim (‘16)


Nothing but smiles!: Do you want to see this beautiful face every day? Do you want to listen to his amazing taste in music! Get your butt over to Joo Bang to check the scene out for yourself! (Sarah Chin, ’16)

A chill atmosphere, no restrictions, good music. The best place to spend lunch! But how did it start? Let’s ask the man himself, Mr. Joo, for how this came to be.

BP: What made you start eating lunch in your room?

MJ: “I gotta spend 5 minutes to walk to the cafeteria and back, and then wait in the Deli line for 10 minutes only to be told that they’re out of kimbab. That’s 20 minutes out of my 35 minutes gone! So I just started packing my own lunch.”


BP: How did students start coming in?

MJ: I didn’t ask them, but people just started coming in one day. Every year, there is a group of 10 or so people who are the unofficial residents.


BP: What do you like about Joobang?

MJ: “It has a lively good vibe, and it’s usually former Joochem people so we can chat about stuff. It gives us a chance to rant, and it’s a nice amount of free time just to talk about non-school academics.”


BP: What do you not like about Joobang?

MJ: “I like everything.”


BP: Do you have any other comments?

MJ: “No.”


Well, there you have it. A place for laughter, peace, and de-stressing music.

(Sarah Chin, ’16) 

Come one, come all, to Joobang.

– Sarah Chin (’16)

 Header: Sarah Chin ’16

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