Suits Finale: Recap & Thoughts

It’s the season finale that left its fans sobbing and screaming.

“You know I love you, Donna.”

These six words drove us nuts on the second to last episode of Suits Season 4. What did we get in return?

#TBT: A youthful Harvey and Donna have their first encounter after the first major success for Harvey. The chemistry that we have seen the past four seasons between these two is very much prevalent here. (USA)

A sexy flashback to Donna and Harvey’s first meeting. An all-knowing Donna approaches Harvey at a bar with the intention to work for him which he remarks back by saying, “You’re not just a pretty face, are you?” This is also where we see infamous dangerous banker, Charles Forstman, shooting a devilish look at Harvey.

The Stench of Desperation: Without keeping in touch with Harvey for at least three months, Sean Cahill approaches the lawyer with a panic we didn’t see from him the last time he was around. (USA)

Back to present time, Cahill visits Pearson Specter Litt to ask for Harvey’s help to make his case against Woodall and Forstman. Mike and Rachel work together to find Cahill’s money and save him. The couple figures out that Harvey’s troublesome brother probably has something to do with the missing money as the flashback shows Harvey’s brother asking Harvey for money to start his life afresh by setting up a restaurant. But when Jessica turns down Harvey to loan him the money, Harvey runs to Forstman and takes on his offer despite Jessica’s warnings.

In the meantime, Donna helps Louis through tough times as he says goodbye to his late secretary, Norma (who we’ve never seen but heard so much about!). As Louis is at a loss, he offers Donna Norma’s position and we see Donna turning down the offer. However, she does have second thoughts as she confronts Harvey about the night before when he told her that he loved her. Harvey, being the man he is, is afraid to confront his feelings up straight and ends up saying the worst thing possible, “I did that because I wanted to make you feel better.” Donna then accuses him of not taking chances and not letting his true feelings out and storms off.

Back in the flashback, we find out that Forstman had offered Harvey $1 million to come work for him but when he decided to back off from the deal, he finds out that Forstman had already given Harvey’s brother the loan amount he needed for his restaurant. Harvey chews out Forstman for making a stock move based on something he told Forstman the night before in confidence, which made him realize that he was simply manipulated for inside information and can’t go after Forstman without putting both himself and Marcus in a world of hurt.

As we return once again to the present, Forstman has come to talk to Harvey to remind him about their deal made 12 years ago. He argues that Forstman only blackmailed him into the deal. Forstman then tells Harvey that it’s unfortunate that he won’t hear him confess to the crime. A smart man like Forstman never caught on that Harvey was in fact wearing a wire all along, with Cahill listening at the other end of it. This calls for a celebration!


Mike returns home and to find Rachel having prepared a romantic dinner to celebrate but Mike turns the whole night around by finally popping the question. It’s probably one of the most emotional scenes in a good way of all time in Suits as Mike Ross says the sweetest compliments possible to a girl and gets down on one knee with his grandmother’s ring in his hands. No doubt was it a tear shedding moment!

Unfortunately, there’s still time to throw some wrenches. Donna comes back to see Harvey, this time, telling him that she’s leaving him for good- that she is going to work for Louis. Harvey tells her not to go, but Donna still leaves, telling him that she loves him. You had your chance Harvey!

Goodbye For Good?: One can argue that Donna was too flustered with the recent events she had been through, but honestly, props to her for finally taking initiative and doing what she feels is best. You should’ve seen that coming, Harvey. (USA)

We listen in to a final phone call as Harvey phones his brother and we hear that he’s doing great with a wife and kids. That was a satisfying moment because we know the money in the end was worth it and Harvey not giving up on his brother paid off. A truly touching moment there especially since Harvey was broken down by Donna’s departure- hearing how well his brother was doing probably brought some warmth to his broken heart.

Well so much for Darvey (Donna+Harvey)! We couldn’t have been more wrong about their relationship turning romantic and Mike’s proposal sure threw a curveball at us! At this point, Mike and Rachel have gone as far as they can. What will be of the other characters? Will Donna ever come back to Harvey? Will Harvey fight for Donna? Will Mike and Rachel’s engagement last? Who will be Harvey’s new secretary? What changes will this Donna situation in Louis?

The writers sure have to take every step very carefully from now on, because if they screw this up, it’ll be a terrible injustice to years of great script writing! I can’t wait for the summer premiere of a whole new season!


What were some of your thoughts on the Season 4 finale of Suits?


“I died, as always. I was in shock when Donna left Harvey but anything Donna does, I support cuz she’s ****** flawless!” – Sohee Yu (‘16)


– Hyun Jung Choi (‘16)

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Captions: Faith Choi (’16)

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