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Ready for a healthier lifestyle? Here are some tips from our very own senior fitness gurus at KIS to help you with your diet.

It’s not about losing weight, becoming skinny, or gaining muscle. A diet is a holistic experience of subtle changes in food choices, workout schedules, and positive thinking. The result is more confidence, strength, and health! We all know it’s so hard to maintain a changed lifestyle, because of all the junk food, urges to be lazy, and busy schedules. But the senior class is somehow keeping up with their diets, and the results are obvious! We asked a few seniors for diet tips, and here’s what they have to say to you.

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Having a routine makes it easier to keep up with a changed lifestyle. Soon enough, your new lifestyle will seem like you’ve lived healthy all your life!

“Set time for when you eat and when you workout. Workout at around hungry hours because working out suppresses hunger. I just workout from 3-5 so I’m not munching on snacks, but burning calories! Set times for when you eat too. I eat breakfast always in my first block, lunch during advisory, and dinner right after I workout. That way, I don’t eat anything past about 6:30.” – Jennifer Lim (‘15)

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Staying motivated is important for you to continue your diet! The moment you lose motivation for a healthy lifestyle, you will start to lose self-control and fall vulnerable to cravings!  

“Have a cheat day every week so you don’t get burnt out and so you have motivation to eat healthy today, keeping that really good meal at the end of the week in mind!” – Jasmine Lee (‘15)


“As for motivation, I don’t know, I just feel lighter and happier because YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT so I just don’t want anything from keeping me going. Having a cheat day once a week is definitely helpful. You satisfy all your cravings and you have something to look forward to in a week. For example, when you see your friends eating pizza, you think ‘It’s okay, I can eat that in 3 days. I can resist the urge.’ I think eating healthy all the time is quite impossible.” – Jennifer Lim (‘15)

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Eating is important, but exercising and working out are necessary for a strong body! Plus, exercise makes you happier!  

“Work out everyday!” – Annie Na (‘15)


“Always do both muscle-building and cardio together so if you get tired of one thing you can do the other, and they’re both helpful in different ways.” – Jennifer Lim (‘15)

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Remember, you are what you eat, so make sure to be careful of what you eat. Although healthy food may not be as tasty as fried chicken, it’s much better for you, and you’ll feel happier eating what is good for you! Search up healthy recipes, and start making those green smoothies!  

“I started meal prepping, which is when you prepare all or most of your meals one day for the rest of the week, so I don’t have an excuse to not eat healthy. And when you eat out try to get the healthiest thing.” – Shana Yun (‘15)


“No fried food. Try to have a big breakfast, medium lunch, and small dinner. And no snacks in between.” – Annie Na (‘15)


“Everyday I bring to school a bowl of vegetables so if I get REALLY HUNGRY before or after lunch then I can eat that instead of going down to the cafeteria to buy an energy bar or something (they’re unhealthier than you think). Also, cut out anything fried or sweet during your non-fat days, and definitely don’t drink soda. If you start cutting out things from your diet on non-fat days, you’re not even going to want it on your fat day after you realize how good you feel without it and how unhealthy it is. Logging your food is a great idea so you know just how much you’re eating everyday.” – Jennifer Lim (‘15)

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One of the most underrated aspects of a healthy lifestyle is drinking water. You must, must drink water constantly throughout every day!  

“Drink lots of water.” – Annie Na (‘15)


“WATER. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS drink water. Your goal is to have a water bottle at all times. It flushes toxins out of your system quickly and keeps you from getting hungry often. And plus, it makes your skin look nice.” – Jennifer Lim (‘15)

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Last but not least, sleep is very important for the body to rest and recuperate. All of the previous tips would lose meaning if you’re always tired and don’t get enough of REM sleep. Sleep!  

“SLEEP. Sleep is important for a healthy diet. You’re less likely to lose weight if you sleep less than 5 hrs a night.” – Jennifer Lim (‘15)

  *Extra: check out for healthy tips, recipes, and workout videos!   So there you have it. Tips for a diet. But above all, remember that it’s for your benefit, so do your best, and enjoy it!

– Sarah Chin (’16)
Header: Tara Donne

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