What’s New, Milan?

Check out Blueprint’s best picks in one of the most anticipated fashion events of the year.

Paris is the world’s fashion venue,

New York is the city for all clothing entrepreneurs,

London is for all things chic and classy,

But how many people know of Fashion Week in Milan, Italy?

Here are 5 stand outs of Milan Fashion Week 2015 Spring/Summer from Blueprint, to you:



  • Casual – especially paired with sneaker-like footwear
  • Fitted tops with loose trousers
  • Boxy, ankled pants
  • Dashes of cobalt blue
  • Neutral colors and patterns


Just like the name of their brand, their new designs ooze elegance and royalty. Their spring emphasis on cobalt blue was an eye-pleasing choice, and so was the feminine, waist-hugging structure of their line. But what’s new here? Perhaps not much. Everything was there, but the lack of creativity may have been a downfall.

Rating: 4/5




  • Darker hues of red and black
  • Latin-inspired colors
  • Bold, elaborate patterns (jewels and distinct, vine-like patterns)
  • Fitted figure



Who would have thought a brand as European as Dolce&Gabbana would go Hispanic?! Swirly black patterns on red, with hints of glistening gold: all things españoles that scream “sexy” like no other. Hats of to you, Domenico y Stefano!

Rating: 5/5 for novelty and creativity




  • Wide range of bright colors
  • Boxy fitting
  • Slicked back hair
  • Geometric patterns 
  • Tinge of 80’s throwback



Although their designs had an underlying support of the infamous black&white, really, the colors range from from coral orange to baby blue, from hot red to a medley of all of three. Keeping the clean and structured look, Versace incorporated a lot of geometric shapes, and embellished their work with sparkles. (Always yes for sparkles.) Versace’s design might come off a little mundane, but truly, they have managed to bring sophistication and aesthetics in such simplicity.

Rating: 5/5




  • Waist-fitted apparel
  • Muted colors with few bold colors
  • Delicate touch – feathers, minimal gold studs, strapped heels, silky material
  • Clean, slicked-back pony tails




Mid-length skirts, bright feathers, wide-legged pants, and patterned scarves? I see what you’re doing here, Gucci, bringin’ the 90s back! It’s hard to mess up 90s fashion, but this year’s Gucci designs seems to be a little too ill-fitting. Honestly, the quintessential impression of a fashion show is exactly what Gucci brought to Milan this spring: excessively bold and quite incomprehensible apparel.

Rating: 2/5




  • Unfitted figures, boxy
  • Bold patterns
  • Contrasting colors
  • Over-the-knee dresses




The perfect combination of the past and present! Frankly, I have never heard of Antonio Marras until this spring, and from what I’m seeing, it’s a brand to keep and eye out for. Like Gucci’s approach, Marras’s designs may seem a bit dated and daunting at first, but the more you look at it, the more it grows on you – not necessarily as day-to-day apparel, but as art. Bringing shapes and textures of the Victorian Era, yet spicing the out-dated with a modern twist of geometric shapes, abstract lines, and floral patterns, what can I say, it’s true brilliance.

Rating: 5/5

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