YouTube, or WeTube?

Not You, Not Me, but WE. – Chobama

Not You, Not Me, But WE.

– Chobama


Pop quiz! Do you watch YouTubers?

  1. Yes
  2. All the time
  3. All of the above

It’s quite difficult to find someone who doesn’t watch YouTube videos these days, especially in 2015, a year filled with electronics usage. I mean, who hasn’t heard of Pewdiepie, Smosh, or Ryan Higa? Launched in 2005, YouTube has now become an entertainment base where viewers can watch their favorite videos, as well as YouTubers. More than one billion users, all with various tastes in videos from beauty to politics, are now the celebrities of our generation.

A little bit of a healthy, daily round of statistics for you. (Search Engine Watch)
A little bit of a healthy, daily round of statistics for you. (Search Engine Watch)


You may think YouTubers simply create videos and upload them on the website. That speculation, is actually true. According to YouTube’s own statistics, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Viewers then watch those videos, producing billions of views each day. It’s really not an exaggeration when we say that teenagers of our time is more influenced by YouTubers rather than Hollywood celebrities, which is backed up by a survey done by Jeetendr Sehdev, a celebrity brand strategist of Variety. The survey asked teenagers living in the United Stages, ages thirteen to eighteen, to score ten Hollywood stars and ten YouTube stars with the most subscribers in terms of their intelligence and reliability. The results showed an outstanding victory of YouTubers, who scored higher than Hollywood actors and actresses. It seems as though teenagers think of YouTubers as more relatable, because afterall, they’re normal human beings like us talking to a camera.



However, YouTube stars are no longer staying on their designated platform. Many of them are stepping up their games, doing things other than filming a simple video and uploading them on the website. Take Wong Fu Productions, for example. The trio, consisting of Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, and Philip Wang, used to release short films they filmed on to their YouTube channel, currently, with over two million subscribers. However, they have now taken a break from uploading skits because they are now in the midst of producing their first feature film, focusing on two couples and their relationships. Wong Fu Productions received $358,308 USD as funding, donated by their fans, for their very first movie. With the excitement and generosities of their fans, Wong Fu Productions are getting maximum support for the success of their project.



Speaking of generous fans, Tyler Oakley is also a YouTuber, now with 6.6 million subscribers, who started out as a freshman at Michigan State University uploading while at school. Although he does upload videos on YouTube, it’s hard to call him just a YouTuber. He has also broadened his horizons, mainly towards the LGBTQ community. As an openly gay person, Tyler Oakley fully supports The Trevor Project, which is an organization that helps prevents suicide in the LGBTQ community. He has co-hosted TrevorLIVE as a reporter on the charity’s red carpet event, and also appeared as an interview on the Kids Choice Awards, allowing him to speak to many celebrities. As a keen supporter, he has also raised a total of one million dollars for the Trevor Project over the course of three years, including this year. This has also been thanks to not only his continuous support but also his extremely large fan base. Tyler Oakley, who began as a college student who filmed himself in his dorm room, has now become an internet sensation, who continues to step forward.




Television appearances of YouTubers is no longer rare, because the demand for them is so high. The show, Dancing with the Stars also featured a YouTuber, Bethany Mota. Bethany Mota began uploading videos in 2009, which consisted of mainly fashion, makeup, and hair tutorials. She has, also, acquired a huge fan base, consisting of 8.4 million subscribers, as of March 2015. Over the course of five years, she has climbed up so high, she was named one of “The 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014” by Time Magazine. It’s quite expected, for she has not only appeared on Dancing with the Stars, but also launched her own clothing line at Aéropostale, appeared on Project Runway as a guest judge, and even released her first single, “Need You Right Now”. Again, she owes all of her success to her viewers, her fans. She has, and will continue on expanding her circle of influence.

YouTubers, considered more relatable than Hollywood celebrities, are now celebrities themselves. It’s great that those who we support are becoming more noticed. However, not all fans are satisfied by the effects that this phenomenon brings. As Emily Kim (‘17), a sophomore who often watches YouTube says,

“I feel like YouTube is becoming TV because YouTubers because they’re gaining more fans so they’re becoming the celebrities themselves…YouTube has advanced too far, and it doesn’t feel like old school YouTube at all. It’s like a new form of media. Like come on, Tyler Oakley? He’s a total celebrity now. They just act like normal people like us. To be honest, this isn’t good”.

YouTubers are now publishing their books, opening up their fashion line, and hosting their own TV shows. Everybody is increasing fields where they can succeed and be active in. Of course, YouTubers who have not yet had their “debut” or are still considered minor are still fully dependent on YouTube for their career to grow.


Those up and coming YouTubers such as Will Darbyshire and Connor Manning are simply not yet given the chance to diversify their perspectives. Whereas mainstream YouTubers are noticed by large companies, and offered numerous opportunities to expand their horizon. However, they do not earn or gain this only on their own. They always have their fan base supporting them in starting something new.



As Ara Cho (‘15), a huge fan of YouTube besties AmazingPhil and Danisnotonfire, describes,


Dan and Phil are also one of the many YouTubers who took their career to a next level, for they recently announced their very own book is soon to be published. It is, of course, an honor for fans to see their favorite YouTube personas doing something they love, and fans fully support them. However, it is also inevitable for them to keep a distance from the platform they started on, because they are becoming more busy. The whole reason as to why teenagers prefer YouTubers over celebrities, the feeling of them being more “close”, is starting to get lost. The most important thing is for YouTubers to continue on appreciating their channel as well as their subscribers, for their fans are the main force supporting them.


– Leona Maruyama (’17)

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5 Reasons Why “How To Get Away With Murder” is the Best Show Ever

Everyone needs a little bit of How To Get Away With Murder in their lives, guaranteed.

Need a little spark in the mundane spin of high school life? How to Get Away With Murder is, literally, the perfect combination of thrill and romance you need to turn your life upside down.


Before we proceed, here’s a convenient snippet of HTGAWM for you (no spoilers, I promise):
The series takes place in Middleton University in Philadelphia, one America’s most prestigious law schools. Here, 5 law students – Wes Gibbons (Alfred Enoch), Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee), Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King), Asher Millstone (Matt McGory), and Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza) (aka the Keating 5) – are hand-picked by the infamous defense attorney and a criminal justice professor Professor Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) to work under her. The murder of Lila Stangard, a psychology student in Middleton University, drags the Keating Five, Professor Keating herself, and her two employees – Frank and Bonnie – into a gruesome murder case(s).

The cast of HTGAWM in all their perfection. (
The cast of HTGAWM in all their perfection. (People)

Phew! Now that the synopsis is out of the way, here are 5 reasons why you should start watching HTGAWM:

5. Twist that Plot!

“How To Get Away with Murder is constantly full of suspense and has so many interesting plot twists that its really hard not to get hooked. I can’t wait for season two to air!” – Hannah Byun (‘15)

“You want to try and put all the pieces together but right when you think you’ve figured everything out something new and crazy happens.” – Sara Drake (‘15)

Wow, can I just say that the plot development is AMAZING, PERFECT, SUBLIME??? In the beginning, the bits and pieces of information may seem arbitrary, but as you get deeper and deeper into the series, every details start to congregate to one masterpiece – like a mosaic. HTGAWM continues to build on the already-close-to-perfect plot with the most jaw-dropping and bone-chilling twists, making it impossible to press pause.


4. Great Camera Techniques

The setup of the series is quite unique. There is an ever-present back-and-forths between the present and the flashbacks (you’ll have to find out what kind of flashbacks they are 😉 ), which sustains the zest of HTGAWM. Even as a non-cinematic enthusiast, the transitions, the cliffhangers, and the overall aesthetics of each episode are impressive and eye-catching. A perfect example of visuals enhancing the storyline!

3. Sentimental Character Development

Contrary to the heartless theme of murder, the episodes reveal important secrets and personal conflicts of each characters, bringing cohesiveness to the entire cast and, surprisingly, arousing sympathy – an unexpected emotion to get out of a criminal series.


2. Become a Great Storyteller

Aside from the one underlying foundational murder case that the entire series is based on, each episode features cameos of various, head-twisting criminal cases – from monetary complications and drug cases to tabooed stories of adultery and parental abuse – all of which you can chip in as conversation-continuers!


1. Smokin’ Men and Women

How can you say no to this gorgeousness?

Seriously. Look at that face. I think I need a moment. (ABC)

And to this familiar and beautiful face from Harry Potter?

This kid has seriously Neville-LongBottomed. Big time. (Buzzfeed)
This kid has seriously Neville-LongBottomed. Big time. (Buzzfeed)

Remember Paris from Gilmore Girls? Well, she’s Keating’s employee now.

Talk about a throwback. (ABC)

Any film with Viola Davis, you know you can bet your money on – her acting is above and beyond phenomenal.

You see this? This is the face of someone who knows she’s good at what she does. (ABC)

Days of reblogging photos of Kendall Jenner and “aesthetics” are gone! Lovers of Tumblr, stock your blog posts with these fine-lookin’ ladies.

Hot dang. (ABC)
Hot dang part 2. (ABC)

Personally, I would give this series a 4.5 out of 5. A soft-hearted person that I am (cough cough), I was surprised to find myself actually enjoying a murder series. This was only possible because, visually, the crime scenes are obscure, which I (and a lot of you) can appreciate a ton. However, there is one downfall, and it’s the fact that there are one too many sexuals scenes. But if you’re into murder and sex appeal, go right ahead, this is the perfect show for you.


– Lina Oh (’16)
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2015: The Era of Emerging Tech

Our world is about to get even more high-tech.

Twenty Fifteen New Year’s Day has set a new break sale record for Apple industry. The Apple Store posted their first quarter results: 74.5 million iPhones, 21.4 million iPads, and 5.52 million Macs; a total earnings of $18 billion. Billings rose by 50 percent and apps generated over $10 billion for developers. Even now the imminent Apple Watch which is to be released in April is one of the most highly anticipated products.

And along with Apple’s success, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) has introduced more fresh, emerging technologies to watch out for in 2015.


Gogoro Smartscooter

Gogoro is the world’s first powerful, emission-free, two-wheeled smart scooter. The scooter uses the Tesla S battery that is easily swappable in any nearby battery station. Besides the 30 onboard sensors, the Bluetooth connectivity is always on, that pairs with a smartphone that allows us to customize the vehicle. Users can also download cool effects like vehicle sounds and actions like booting up.

With a range of nearly 100 miles, the Gogoro Smartscooter’s top speed is 60mph. Even better, the scooter is carbon emission free.


Voxel8 3D printer

A voxel is a 3D pixel, the dot in which the printer builds the object with. Using additive processes, the object is created three dimensional by laying down consecutive layers digitally. As a result, we are able to rapidly manufacture various prototypes in industries, or even as personal use for hobbyists.

According to the Voxel8 store, “Pneumatic room-temperature dispensing, autobed leveling, a highly repeatable kinematic coupled bed and an interchangeable ink cartridge system” is what sets the Voxel8 3D printer apart from others.


HP Zvr 3D display

Would you like to explore virtual reality? This HP Zvr 3D display is a 24-inch monitor that looks like a 3D television. Users will wear lightweight 3D glasses which allow us to see images floating above the screen that track our heads. Meant for educational purposes, we can observe 3D holographic projections of any objects, animals, and people. We can even zoom or rotate these objects to look at them from different angles without touching the screen.This will be greatly useful not only for engineers or architects, but also for students to visualize the human anatomy, and so on.


Sony SmartEyeglass Attach

The Sony SmartEyeglass Attatch clips on to any pair of glasses, designed primarily to help runners with navigation. The small 0.5 cm high OLED screen and camera is unobtrusive.

The benefit of this is that GPS is not needed and we can have easy access to information at all times. It is also waterproof, small and convenient to wear.


Siemens Smart Hearing Aids

The Siemens Smart Hearing Aids detect the users’ listening environment and adjusts the senses accordingly. As a result, the users can enhance certain things they want to hear, and suppress unwanted sounds or background noises. These aids work both for iPhone and Android devices by adjusting the microphone direction to the front, left, right, or behind. For example, at a party, the smart hearing aids can sharpen the speech coming from the front, while alleviating the loud background noise coming from any directions.

These miraculous products are looked forward to boosting our transportation, manufacturing, and even daily life a step further.

– Sammie Kim (’18)
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6 Basic Tips To Treat Your Acne

Blueprint’s guide to an easy, breezy, beautiful skin.

We, as students, rarely have the time to take care of our countenance, our skin. But we all had that experience of passing by a mirror and spotting a huge, reddish pimple right on our foreheads. Usually, we would freak out, try to pop the pimple, or girls would cover it up with even more makeup. But there’s no more need to freak out. Here are some easy, surprising tips that will treat your skin in no time!


Don't think about all the times you need to pee, or how bloated you feel: water is key. (Total Wellness Networks)
Don’t think about all the times you need to pee, or how bloated you feel: water is key. (Total Wellness Networks)

Water prevents premature aging by cleaning out toxins and transporting nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells. According to a Women’s Health report, “It can even make skin appear fuller since the hyaluronic acid that naturally exists in skin will pull in and hold the water for a wrinkle-plumping effect.” Eight glasses of water are recommended, but the more the better. So how about a nice bottle of water by your side every day?


Irene Jung (’16)

Even slightly picking at your pimples can permanently damage your skin. Every time your unwashed fingers press your face, bacteria only pushes deeper into your pores. Then your oil glands burst, causing visible scars and discoloration all over your face. Let’s leave the popping to the pros, and instead, drink your water and clean your face twice a day.


We don't care if your skin is oily, or dry, or God-forbid a bit of both: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Try saying that quickly three times. (Wise Geek)
We don’t care if your skin is oily, or dry, or God-forbid a bit of both: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Try saying that quickly three times. (Wise Geek)

Our skin constantly cools itself as water evaporates from it. Applying creams and lotions will protect the surface of your skin and allow it to absorb the moisture. So after you wash your face, remember to apply some lotion to your dry skin.


That thing is dirtier than it looks. (Locker Gnome)
That thing is nastier than it looks. (Locker Gnome)

Did you know the smart phone you touch everyday is more germ-infested than a toilet in a subway bathroom? Phone touchscreens are the best mechanism for spreading viruses! Imagine millions of germs landing on your cheek every time you make a phone call. To keep your phone a bit more bacteria-free, frequently cleanse it with wet tissues or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. Or you can even use the speaker on the phone to talk, and avoid direct contact with the surface.


You gotta clean up those bad boys more often than you think, ladies. (WikiHow)
You gotta clean up those bad boys more often than you think, ladies. (WikiHow)

Girls! Do you wash those makeup brushes you use on your face everyday? Jessica Wu, an LA-based dermatologist says, “you should wash loose powder brushes every two to three weeks, and those used to apply foundation once a week.” Just mix a few drops of facial cleanser or shampoo with water, and rinse those brushes.


We know, we know. Vegetables are gross! But they're good for you for more than just your skin. (Central National Bank)
We know, we know. Vegetables are gross! But they’re good for you for more than just your skin. (Central National Bank)

Foods that are rich in vitamin-C not only prevent wrinkles and sagging, but also remove all kinds of DNA damage. Half a cup of raw broccoli contains 65% of your needed vitamin C.

Here were some super easy tips that cost no money, and of course, no chemicals. However because effort is the most important thing, lets be consistent. Eat all your vegetables, have a cup of water near your desk. And most importantly, clean after yourself!

– Sammie Kim (’18)

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Lee Kuan Yew: The Man, The Legacy

Although he may be gone, his work and mark on modern day society will never be forgotten.

Lee Kuan Yew left us with an international legacy on the 23rd of March, 2015, at the age of 91. As prime minister for Singapore’s first three decades, Lee Kuan Yew raised and developed a poor third world country to the first world in a single generation. As it prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary as a nation, Singapore today is an ultra-modern metropolis with a higher per capita GDP than the US, and, Southeast Asia’s richest, most advanced economy. The credit of all the achievements that attributed to the transformation to a successful nation, goes to Lee Kuan Yew who proves to be a disciplined and visionary role model for leaders all over the world.

Lee Kuan Yew, circa 20th century. (Jamal Rafaie)
Lee Kuan Yew, circa 20th century. (Jamal Rafaie)

Singapore has always worked smoothly (unlike countries such as China), and its people were prosperous under the care of Lee Kuan Yew. It was mentioned that Lee insisted that governance was first and foremost about results. His exact words were that “the acid test of any legal system is not the greatness or the grandeur of its ideal concepts, but whether, in fact, it is able to produce order and justice.”

Singapore before Lee Kuan Yew transformed it. (Skyscraper City)
Singapore before Lee Kuan Yew transformed it. (Skyscraper City)

The second most important role of the government according to Lee, is moral leadership. A good government requires its leaders to put the public’s needs and good unquestionably above their own personal interests.


The third lesson is equal opportunity. Successful societies guarantee equal opportunities for all individuals and are still realistic about the fact that this will have complications and that full equality will be near impossible to reach. Lee believed that the essence of a successful society was the competition that came from the same level of playing field which would allow each individual to achieve his or her maximum fairly.

Singapore today. (World Finance Conference)
Singapore today. (World Finance Conference)

Fourth, Lee chose to take the route of discipline rather than democracy—that it’s better to nurture a nation rather than let it be. He had serious reservations about liberal democracy as in the US, and he dismissed the fact that being liberal was a part of improving lives. He believed that Asia simply wanted a better life though equality in society.


Lee Kuan Yew, no doubt, left a significant influence on not only Singapore and its people, but also governments and leaders around the world. His legacy will continue to endure. As tens of thousands of people line the streets of Singapore to bid farewell to the founding father of their city-state, it is time for global leaders to question whether what they’ve been doing, testing ideology, is the right way to govern and nurture their nations.


– Hyun Jung Choi ‘16

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Keystone: The X-Larger The Better?

It’s the debate that will affect generations to come.

Aside from events in the Middle East that have dominated the newspapers, there has been another event recently in the headlines. The Keystone XL Pipeline has been a controversial topic that stirred up and created a fiery debate. On one side of the argument, stands angry environmentalists, striving to conserve the environment. On the other side, stands money-hungry capitalists and trust-seeking politicians. With such determined people on both sides, the Keystone XL crisis is something that can not be easily negotiated.

Students were arrested after protesting against the building of the Keystone XL Pipeline in front of the White House. (Kristina Banks, Huffington Post)
Georgetown students marched to the White House from their school to hold this protest, but were arrested soon after. (Kristina Banks, Huffington Post)

The Keystone XL Pipeline is a proposed oil pipeline that would run from Alberta, Canada to Steele City, Nebraska. There is already a pipeline named the Keystone Pipeline, but the XL is a more direct pipeline.

A drawing of the proposed XL Pipeline. (The Canadian Press)
A drawing of the proposed XL Pipeline. (The Canadian Press)

To begin with, capitalists have strived to pass the bill to build the Keystone XL Pipeline because of the economic benefits they can gain. Receiving over 550,000 barrels of oil each day from the existing Keystone Pipeline, as well as having an even greater amount of oil imported from Canada to the States, would lower the price of oil for consumers. Not only would building the XL pipeline lower the cost of oil, but it would also create over 42,000 jobs for a two-year period during the building process—35,000 of which would be kept permanently. Especially at a time when unemployment rates are high, the idea of creating the pipeline seems to be a good idea.

President Obama seen visiting a pipe yard in Cushing, Oklahoma. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated Press)

Moreover, politicians wish for the bill to pass in order to create better relations with Canada. Sharing over 1,530 miles of border with Canada, it seems only reasonable to maintain good relationships with them. Canada is also a very close ally to the United States, which seems yet another reason to pass the bill.

Although economic benefits may look attractive, we cannot let those benefits be the sole reason we decide to construct the Keystone XL. (Shutterstock)

However, there are many faults and detrimental factors of building the Keystone XL Pipeline. Risks of spillage, destruction of houses, and damage to the environment cause many people to shout in outrage. It is only reasonable to see such anger and protest against the pipeline since it has yet only been rushed and not thoroughly planned out.

In the end, President Obama did veto the bill, but there is speculation that he may pass future bills if all safety measures are taken into consideration. With such extreme benefits and harms, the Keystone XL will for sure be a topic that will not be easily resolved.

– Andy Yang (’16)

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Blueprint Takes Garosugil

You haven’t experienced Garosugil until Blueprint’s taught you how.

Restless with a prodigious amount of time on your hands? Want to go out with your friends to someplace new? Enjoy the changing weather at Garosugil, a beautiful street full of not only major shopping sites and cherry blossom trees, but also innovative restaurants and cafes; it’s perfect for exploring and spending time with your friends and family.

Cafe Able (Seiyeon Park ’17)

Cafe Able // Rating: 3.5/5

Cafe Able is a cafe and breakfast/lunch spot. A bit pricey (16,500won for the gorgonzola shrimp, and 16,000won for the risotto) and under-portioned, Cafe Able is a bit questionable as to whether I would go again or not.

Gorgonzola Shrimp (Seiyeon Park ’17)

Although the gorgonzola shrimp was phenomenal with its savory sauce and warm bread to accompany it, the serving size was ridiculously small compared to its price.

Quinoa Cream Risotto (Seiyeon Park ’17)

The quinoa cream risotto was averagely-sized, but as Hannah Park (’16) said, “a bit too creamy for the sensitive tongue.” Nonetheless, the service was exceptionally great with an offer of free coffee and fresh pickles.

Remicone by No-Name (Seiyeon Park ’17)

Remicone // Rating: 3/5

Known for its unusual yet visually appealing ice cream and drinks, Remicone is a small shop in a small alley of Garosugil. Slightly overpriced (over 5,000 for each cup of ice cream), Remicone was slightly disappointing.

It was visually appealing, but that was about all it was. (Seiyeon Park ’17)

The Thunder-bomb (ice cream topped with grey cotton candy) looked more exciting than it tasted. Although the sugar candy on top of the ice cream was a pleasant surprise, the ice cream itself was “nothing more than just regular milk ice cream” (Hannah Park ’16). The salted caramel ice cream with hazelnut crumble was definitely a unique flavor, but the saltiness overpowered the caramel taste, while the hazelnut crumble was nothing more than a couple of chunks of hazelnut sugar.

Although it’s worth a visit, it’s doubtful if Remicone is a spot that I’d frequently visit.

April Market (Seiyeon Park ’17)

April Market // Rating: 4/5

April Market is another restaurant that’s great for a light brunch or delicate dinner. With dim lighting and rustic decorations, April Market has the perfect romantic setting to come for a date. The mozzarella salad flatbread was a healthy spin on the classic pizza, and it was surprisingly light. The french fries were “crisped to perfection” (Ji Sun Jeon ’17), being perfectly crunchy on the outside, while warm and soft on the inside.

The flatbread is a nice, healthy balance to the bowl of scrumptious French Fries. (Seiyeon Park ’17)

Although the flatbread was a bit pricey, the portions were larger than expected and I was easily satisfied with the meal. Definitely a place to come again—perhaps with a date next time?

(Seiyeon Park ’17)

Pumpkin Terrier Cake Shop // Rating: 4.5/5

Pumpkin Terrier Cake Shop is a sister to the pastry shop Glamorous Penguin in Itaewon. It serves a variety of cakes and is famous for its specialty: banana pudding.

Admire the Banana Pudding Cake in all its glory. (Seiyeon Park '17)
Admire the raspberry meringue cake in all its glory. (Seiyeon Park ’17)

The banana pudding had a soft and creamy consistency, filled with slices of banana. However, the raspberry meringue cake was a bit of a disappointment. “It didn’t taste much like meringue as it did like a roasted marshmallow” (Ji Sun Jeon ’17). Nevertheless, the raspberry flavor was definitely there, though light, adding a sweet yet tangy taste to the cake.

So embrace the spring days and take a chance to explore the corners of Garosugil with your friends and family! Happy dining!

– Seiyeon Park (’17)

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