Blueprint Takes Garosugil

You haven’t experienced Garosugil until Blueprint’s taught you how.

Restless with a prodigious amount of time on your hands? Want to go out with your friends to someplace new? Enjoy the changing weather at Garosugil, a beautiful street full of not only major shopping sites and cherry blossom trees, but also innovative restaurants and cafes; it’s perfect for exploring and spending time with your friends and family.

Cafe Able (Seiyeon Park ’17)

Cafe Able // Rating: 3.5/5

Cafe Able is a cafe and breakfast/lunch spot. A bit pricey (16,500won for the gorgonzola shrimp, and 16,000won for the risotto) and under-portioned, Cafe Able is a bit questionable as to whether I would go again or not.

Gorgonzola Shrimp (Seiyeon Park ’17)

Although the gorgonzola shrimp was phenomenal with its savory sauce and warm bread to accompany it, the serving size was ridiculously small compared to its price.

Quinoa Cream Risotto (Seiyeon Park ’17)

The quinoa cream risotto was averagely-sized, but as Hannah Park (’16) said, “a bit too creamy for the sensitive tongue.” Nonetheless, the service was exceptionally great with an offer of free coffee and fresh pickles.

Remicone by No-Name (Seiyeon Park ’17)

Remicone // Rating: 3/5

Known for its unusual yet visually appealing ice cream and drinks, Remicone is a small shop in a small alley of Garosugil. Slightly overpriced (over 5,000 for each cup of ice cream), Remicone was slightly disappointing.

It was visually appealing, but that was about all it was. (Seiyeon Park ’17)

The Thunder-bomb (ice cream topped with grey cotton candy) looked more exciting than it tasted. Although the sugar candy on top of the ice cream was a pleasant surprise, the ice cream itself was “nothing more than just regular milk ice cream” (Hannah Park ’16). The salted caramel ice cream with hazelnut crumble was definitely a unique flavor, but the saltiness overpowered the caramel taste, while the hazelnut crumble was nothing more than a couple of chunks of hazelnut sugar.

Although it’s worth a visit, it’s doubtful if Remicone is a spot that I’d frequently visit.

April Market (Seiyeon Park ’17)

April Market // Rating: 4/5

April Market is another restaurant that’s great for a light brunch or delicate dinner. With dim lighting and rustic decorations, April Market has the perfect romantic setting to come for a date. The mozzarella salad flatbread was a healthy spin on the classic pizza, and it was surprisingly light. The french fries were “crisped to perfection” (Ji Sun Jeon ’17), being perfectly crunchy on the outside, while warm and soft on the inside.

The flatbread is a nice, healthy balance to the bowl of scrumptious French Fries. (Seiyeon Park ’17)

Although the flatbread was a bit pricey, the portions were larger than expected and I was easily satisfied with the meal. Definitely a place to come again—perhaps with a date next time?

(Seiyeon Park ’17)

Pumpkin Terrier Cake Shop // Rating: 4.5/5

Pumpkin Terrier Cake Shop is a sister to the pastry shop Glamorous Penguin in Itaewon. It serves a variety of cakes and is famous for its specialty: banana pudding.

Admire the Banana Pudding Cake in all its glory. (Seiyeon Park '17)
Admire the raspberry meringue cake in all its glory. (Seiyeon Park ’17)

The banana pudding had a soft and creamy consistency, filled with slices of banana. However, the raspberry meringue cake was a bit of a disappointment. “It didn’t taste much like meringue as it did like a roasted marshmallow” (Ji Sun Jeon ’17). Nevertheless, the raspberry flavor was definitely there, though light, adding a sweet yet tangy taste to the cake.

So embrace the spring days and take a chance to explore the corners of Garosugil with your friends and family! Happy dining!

– Seiyeon Park (’17)

Header: Seiyeon Park (’17)
Captions: Faith Choi (’16)

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