How To: The Detox Juice

Find out the healthy way to lose weight — just in time for prom, too!

Last year, the famous Korean comedian, Kwon Mi Jin, earned the title of “Diet Master,”  when she lost 51kg in one year. Her dieting secret was not plastic surgery, drug use, or unhealthy fasting. But it was “Detoxifying Juice,” also known as “해독주스,” in Korean.

Kwon Ji Min
(Kwon Ji Min)

Kwon introduced her personalized recipe to the public, and this soon prompted various TV shows to feature her and her juice, which gained approval from not only the public, but also from Korean doctors. Now, Kwon’s detox juice has launched a new trend in health and diet with its “cleansing method” that introduces a healthy approach to weight loss and body refreshment. The juice cleanses the body of compacted food and toxins, relieving constipation and aiding in vitamin deficiency, cardiovascular health, and even acne.

Detox juice works best when consumed everyday: thirty minutes before breakfast and thirty minutes before dinner. However, be warned! Never replace all your meals with the detox juice, hoping to lose weight. The primary purpose of the detox juice is to filter the waste in your body for improved health. If your sole purpose is to lose weight, then it is advised that more vegetables should compose the detox juice rather than fruits or other sugars. Kwon Mi Jin, the “Diet Master,” took her diet a step further by eating all her meals along with the detox juice, and even exercising daily.

With notable experience from drinking the detox juice for many months, I would like to point out that this juice not only produces amazing results in weight loss, but that it has a simple, convenient recipe, adding onto its charm. The only thing to do is chop and boil the vegetables, then dump all of them to the blender machine, Try it yourself!


Here is the recipe to the “Detoxifying Juice.” (Courtesy of stacefacelovessushi):

Ingredients: 1 long carrot, 1 bunch of Broccoli, 1 Tomato, 1 Cabbage, 1 Apple, 1 Banana, Water

1. Chop up all the vegetables (Carrot, Broccoli, Cabbage, and Tomato)


2. Put the vegetables in a pot and add water.


3. Start the stove in Medium Heat, slowly cooking the vegetables. When the water starts boiling, leave the pot for 15 minutes, stirring the vegetables once in every 5 mins.


4. Use a blender to blend the cabbage, carrot, broccoli, and tomatoes together. Add 1/2 Apple and 1/2 Banana as well in order to improve the taste.


– Sammie Kim (’18)
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The German Flight Crisis

The airplane phobia continues to grow.

On 24 March, 2015 the Germanwings Flight 9525 en route from Barcelona to Düsseldorf took a fated plunge from a clear sky and shattered effortlessly into countless fragments in the French Alps. The crash claimed the lives of all 144 passengers and 6 crew members. At the very moment of the crash there were no clear, immediate explanations, but now the cause of the crash does not seem so ambiguous with the discovery of the plane’s cockpit voice recorder.

(Al Jazeera)
(Al Jazeera)

The last message sent from the plane to the air traffic coordinators had stated that the flight was smooth and on course. However, only minutes later the plane began to descend without any indicators of emergency or distress. Such a lack of communication from the pilot raised questions of whether the crash was deliberate—a possibility that, sadly, holds high chances of being true.

The cockpit voice recorder recorded the last conversations of the two pilots. From hearing the initial two hours of the audio recording, none would suspect of the following event: after a little exchange, the commanding pilot left the cockpit and found that he could not re-enter. He initially knocked lightly on the door, then hit the door a little stronger, then resorted to hard pounding when he received no answer from within; he allegedly even attempted to smash the door down. There was a chance that he could have used a fail-safe code to open the door, but the question of whether he had tried to do so remains unanswered.

Andreas Lubitz, the pilot in question. (Telegraph)


So, if the pilot wasn’t in the cockpit, who was? Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot. Mr. Lubtiz’s final breathing sounds were recorded as the the plane took on its final descent and slammed into the mountainside. The commotion caused by the pilot locked outside leaves suspicions that Mr. Lubtiz had deliberately “refused to open the door of the cockpit to the commander, and activated the button that commands the loss of altitude.” (NY Times)

The assumption that this mass murder, or perhaps even act of terror, may have been on purpose surprised many, for it was long believed Mr. Lubtiz “loved to fly” since he was 14 years old and was a “gliding enthusiast and former flight attendant” who was “unassuming and funny.” Even Frank Woiton, another pilot for the Germanwings airline stated “he was not someone who said, ‘I want to end my life.’” (NY Times)

However, what the investigators found when they delved deep into both Mr. Lubtiz’s professional and personal life states otherwise. It was declared that he had a fragile mental state and an eyesight problem that may have hindered his ability to fly. To support this, several doctors notes and medication prescribed for depression and psychological problems were found.

The tragic event left the family members and friends of the victims heartbroken. (Yahoo News)
The tragic event left the family members and friends of the victims heartbroken. (Yahoo News)

As of right now, nothing is yet certain. Why did the commanding pilot leave the cockpit in the first place? Was the crash impulsive or planned out? What happened to all the victims’ bodies? There are still approximately 72 people unaccounted for. No matter the case, the Blueprint sends its condolences to the families of the victims of this regrettable tragedy.

– Emily Kim (’16)
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What do you do when you catch your friend back talking about you?

“I hate the way she talks like a brat.”
“Why does she only hang out with guys?”

…And the vicious remarks go on and on …and on.

la foto

What do you do when you catch your friend back talking about you?

LcKjazKca: Ouch. This one hurts a lot. Finding out a friend spreading rumors or secrets about you is probably one of the worst feelings ever. It’s horrible to catch someone you trusted being toxic. It sucks because you can’t look at them the way you did before. You can’t tell if their smiles, gestures, and eyes are really the ones that you used to know. You can’t look back into past conversations and times you spent with him/her without painful doubt.

Then you ask yourself, “When did all this even start?”

As difficult as it sounds, begin by trying not to assume anything. Don’t let yourself jump to conclusions, starting the never ending cycle of overthinking. Who knows? There really might be something that you’ve been doing wrong. Your friend’s words, although not directed at you, can be an opportunity for you to set things in perspective.

If you think the relationship between you and your friend is worth more than the risks and the uncomfortable hiccups of confrontation, openly and honestly talk to him/her about it. If he/she is a genuine friend of yours, he/she will respond well. Try finding a time and place where you can talk to your friend privately.

When you do meet up with the friend, make sure to use lots of “I” statements to directly show your own feelings, without beating around the bush. For example: “I feel uncomfortable when you _______.” “I was sad when I heard you _______.”

Talk things out rationally and maturely to find the roots of the problem. Both of you need to clearly communicate what one other thought and felt from this incident.

But at the end of the day, it’s you who decides whether the friendship continues or not. Was it a simple misunderstanding? Did he/she apologize genuinely? Was it his/her first offense? Balance out self-respect and care for your friend in making the final call to your relationship. Remember that you have to be the one happy with this decision!

The closer a friend is to you, well, he/she is in a better position to hurt you. So don’t forget what it means for your friend when he/she opens up vulnerabilities and insecurities to you. You’re someone special to that person.

tumblr_inline_n3rg12VVbE1riwpmj: Personally, I went through this one way too often. The two typical scenarios I found myself with were 1) catching my friend casually discussing my flaws and 2) catching my friend straight out spreading rumors and labeling me. Now, what you should do varies immensely depending on which scenario you’re facing.

Case 1. Backtalks

“I hate the way she talks like a brat.”

“Why does she only hang out with guys?”

…And the vicious remarks go on and on …and on. The casual flaws that my friends slurred around hurt more than any other unreasonable rumors or swears I heard. It was a more direct stab in the back. You may ask, why would they go behind my back to complain about my personality, my lifestyle, or even my physical appearance, when they could simply confront me face to face?

See, their lack of courage to discuss this in person is the reason why you shouldn’t react the same way they did. Instead, gather your valiant guts and talk to them. If you don’t have the courage to confront them face to face, give them a call or text them if you must.

As much as you’re angry, try not to be the aggressive one. Ask them if you’ve been bothering them in any way and listen to what they have to say. Honestly, what your friend was speaking about without you knowing might have been a legitimate flaw, a quality that you can fix or improve on. Accept it and react maturely. But tell the good friend of yours that next time, he or she should direct the hurtful remarks to you and not to anyone else.

Case 2. Rumors

“Did you know that she ____.”

“Oh my goodness, she’s such a *****.”

…And the rumors spread, and I became a packaged, labeled product by the moment. Honestly, it’s unacceptable for friends to back talk or spread rumors in any way. The most ideal way to react to this one would be to pretend like you haven’t heard anything. Ignore and forget. But also ignore and forget your friend. He or she’s not a friend once they have went behind your back to judge and wreck you.

Most probably, if you continue to ignore the rumors and take care of yourself, get your things done, and keep high standards, the rumors will subside. If you really didn’t do anything wrong, you have no reason to remain conscious about what your friend chattered about.

Eventually, your friend might come up to you and ask, “Why aren’t we hanging out these days? What’s up?” or something of that sort. Then, you have every right to say, “You probably know the reason more than I do.”

But before making any hurried decisions, consider how much your friend meant to you, whether or not the rumors are true or your friend actually spread the rumors in the first place, if your friendship can carry on even after this incident, and how your friend will regain your trust. My point: be rational and keep your cool.

Best of luck.

– The Blueprint Advice Team

*If you have any questions about friends, relationships, life, or just anything, email us at and we’ll answer them in the next column!

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What do you do when you’ve grown apart from your friend?

“What are you thinking? How are you feeling? What have we done to each other? What will we do?”

Irene Jung (’16)

What do you do when you’ve grown apart from your friend?

LcKjazKcaNotes on friends drifting away:

Everyday, I meet lots of bodies, high-fives, quick smiles, and smalltalk. But you are, well, used to be, something different. A friend.

It’s sad that he/she is slowly becoming someone I don’t know. Desperately skimming through surfaces of old conversations, I try to pretend that the discontinuance is the momentary, necessary silence that friendships often go through. Somehow, I manage to find ways to avoid him/her while secretly wanting to approach him/her. I wish I had something to blame the disconnection on. That would make it a lot easier. But it’s no one’s fault. It’s not mine. It’s not their’s. It’s no one’s. Some things just happen.

But try to take a step back, and see what you might have done wrong to the relationship. It’s never easy to admit fault in yourself, but it’s always a good first step to make, since relationships are mutual. Don’t overthink to the point of feeling guilt though – that’s never healthy.

Make yourself more available to that person. Let him or her know that you are willing to open yourself up for conversation. Eventually one of you will need the courage to reach out, and the other will need the courage to respond.

But sometimes you will have to accept that it’s time to let go. Accept that your friend might be at a different emotional place. People change. Situations change. You and I change. It’s going to be like swallowing down thick, bitter cough syrup: disgusting, but healthy for you at the end of the day.

I’ve seen a lot of people fade away from the corner my eye. I hope that doesn’t happen with you.

tumblr_inline_n3rg12VVbE1riwpmj: Is your friend hanging out with someone new that’s not you? Are you both just too busy with schoolwork and lacking the time to interact? Perhaps, maybe one of you is holding a grudge? Well, whatever the reason may be for your friend drifting away, it’s a slow and conspicuous process. You’ll hear your conversations growing awkward and feel the atmosphere becoming tense. It’s hard.

But there are ways to reverse what happened, or what didn’t happen. The most reasonable thing to do would be to make an attempt to return to normality by remaining normal. Maybe it’s a passing phase. Remaining calm rather than growing obsessive towards the slight drift, will help your friend feel more welcome to return. If your friendship was a genuine one, your friend will come back when they can. Let time pass, but if your friend still doesn’t show the slightest interest in rebuilding your relationship, it’s time for you to take initiative. Fire up your Kakaotalk, start a casual conversation, ask your friend to hang out over the weekend or cafe study on the weekdays, and make an attempt to meet, talk, and communicate with your swaying friend.

If all else fails, I hate to advise this, but let your friend go. If you made an obvious attempt to want to grow close again and showed your friend how sincere you are about your friendship, you have done enough. If your friend showed such little respect to you, not only as a companion, but also as a person, it’s a clear sign that he or she is worth just that. You don’t have to be moping and contemplating on someone who refuses to spend the minimum amount of time with you. You shouldn’t be. You probably deserve better.

I know it’s not as easy as it sounds to let a heartwarming friend drift away. Yet, in the future, you’ll ponder back to today and tell yourself that you made the right choice. Of course, that is, after you gave your friendship a final try.

– The Blueprint Advice Team

*If you have any questions about friends, relationships, life, or just anything, email us at and we’ll answer them in the next column!

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International Greetings

In what country do you get to stick out your tongue to say hello? Or press your knuckles to your forehead?

In today’s globalizing world, meeting and working with people from a different race or country is becoming more prevalent. Although we can’t fully get accustomed to every distinct culture and language, we can always be mindful of the distinct, friendly greetings. Just like how we, Koreans, half-bow to the elderly, or how the Americans do the fist-bump or say “hello,” every country has its own unique greeting that shows respect and affection. And many times, the way we simply greet people tends to reflect upon our manners and overall impression of foreigners!

Listed below are some of the very peculiar, interesting greetings that will surprise you. For example, did you know that in Tibet, you stick out your tongue to say hello? Becoming aware of these various greetings, even the unique ones, may possibly prove handy one day.

(LA Times)
(LA Times)

1) In Tibet: Stick out your tongue to say hello!

To prove you are not the black-tongued king of Tibet, stick out your tongue for a polite greeting.



2)  In Malaysia: Ask “Where are you going” to politely start a conversation.

“Mav ke Mana!” (Where are you going?) is not really a question expecting an answer. The common, polite responses are usually “just for a walk” or “nowhere important!”

You can also make the Salame gesture to greet your elders or other companions.  Stretch out both of your hands and lightly touch the companion’s hands. After that, bring your hands back towards your heart.



3) In Philippines: Greet your elders by pressing their knuckles to your forehead.

This gesture is called the “Mano” and young Filipinos would also bow to show extra respect.



4) In India: Greet your elders by touching their feet.

This common gesture is called the “Pranama” that shows your respect for the elderly.


(Tourism NZ)
(Tourism NZ)

5) In Greenland: Place your nose and top lip onto the cheek of your friend and breathe in.

This special greeting is called the “Kunik” and has similar looks to kissing.



6) In Bedouin: Rub your nose against your friend as a greeting

When you travel to Bedouin, you will mostly see men rub each others’ noses to show respect.



7) In South Africa: Clap rhythmically to the beat!

All of the twelve different Shona ethnic group across South Africa perform the rhythmic clapping for greeting.


(Our Hindustan)
(Our Hindustan)

8) In Marshall Islands: Raise your single eyebrow!

For the people of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific, raising your single eyebrow is a sign of respect that you acknowledge your friend’s presence.


(Baxters In Africa)
(Baxters In Africa)

9) In West and North West Zambia: Clap and squeeze your friend’s thumb for a greeting!


(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

10) In Nigeria: “Wooshay!”

The Kanouri tribe in Nigeria wave their fists in front of their heads and say “Wooshay!”


Now that you have been introduced to some of the most unique greetings in this world, don’t be afraid to approach any foreigners in your country! Or perhaps, next time you go traveling to any of the countries above, how about impressing your tourist, hotel managers, or even random shop-keepers out in the street, by greeting them first?

– Sammie Kim (’18)
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iHeart Radio Awards 2015 Nominations/Winners

Check out this year’s honorable nominees.

On March 29th, 2015, the second annual iHeartRadio awards was presented on NBC. The iHeartRadio awards portray the renowned artists’ successes this past year and is a “true reflection of a banner year for female artists”. Hosted by Oscar winning actor Jamie Foxx, the show included many impressive performances by artists ranging from Rihanna to Madonna with Taylor Swift. Here’s a list of nominees and winners organized by categories according to and


Best Lyrics

“All of Me” — John Legend

“Blank Space” — Taylor Swift — WINNER

“Counting Stars” — OneRepublic

“Habits (Stay High)” — Tove Lo

“Stay With Me” — Sam Smith

“Thinking Out Loud” — Ed Sheeran

Hip Hop/R&B Song of the Year

“Don’t Tell ‘Em” — Jeremih featuring YG — WINNER

“Drunk in Love” — Beyonce featuring Jay Z

“Flawless” — Beyonce

“Loyal” — Chris Brown featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga

“New Flame” — Chris Brown featuring Usher and Rick Ross

Best New Artist

Iggy Azalea


Sam Smith — WINNER

Cole Swindell

Meghan Trainor

Country Song of the Year

“Bartender” — Lady Antebellum

“Burnin’ It Down” — Jason Aldean — WINNER

“Dirt” — Florida Georgia Line

“Give Me Back My Hometown” — Eric Church

“Play It Again” — Luke Bryan

Best Fan Army

5SOSFAM — 5 Seconds of Summer — WINNER

Arianators — Ariana Grande

Bey Hive — Beyonce

Team Breezy — Chris Brown

Sheerios — Ed Sheeran

Church Choir — Eric Church

Directioners — One Direction

Selenators — Selena Gomez

Mendes Army — Shawn Mendes

Swifties — Taylor Swift


Best Collaboration

“Bang Bang” — Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj — WINNER

“Dark Horse” — Katy Perry featuring Juicy J

“Fancy” — Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX

“Problem” — Ariana Grande featuring Iggy Azalea

“Talk Dirty” — Jason Derulo featuring 2 Chainz


Iggy Azalea

Charli XCX

Brantley Gilbert — WINNER


Meghan Trainor

Dance Song of the Year

“Animals” — Martin Garrix

“Blame” — Calvin Harris featuring John Newman

“La La La” — Naughty Boy featuring Sam Smith

“Summer” — Calvin Harris — WINNER

“Waves” — Mr. Probz


Alternative Rock Song of the Year

“Come With Me Now” — KONGOS

“Do I Wanna Know?” — Arctic Monkeys

“Fever” — The Black Keys

“Something From Nothing” — Foo Fighters

“Take Me to Church” — Hozier — WINNER

Song of the Year

“All About That Bass” — Meghan Trainor

“All of Me” — John Legend

“Happy” — Pharrell Williams

“Shake It Off” — Taylor Swift — WINNER

“Stay With Me” — Sam Smith

Artist of the Year

Iggy Azalea

Luke Bryan

Ariana Grande

Sam Smith

Taylor Swift – WINNER

– Minji Kim (’17)
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Cosmopolitan’s ‘Racist’ Beauty Guide

Stay woke.

Not too long ago, Twitter users began an uproar about Cosmopolitan’s new guide on beauty-do’s and beauty-don’ts. Readers and users were outraged that the online beauty feature, called “21 Beauty Trends That Need to Die in 2015”, suggested discrimination and racial hate against women of color. Nearly a fifth of the “R.I.P.” column features women of color. The ‘outs’ were entirely African American women while the ‘ins’ were all white women.


Despite being published back in January of this year, the article’s potentially discriminatory angle was just brought to light, after someone posted their opinions online. Needless to say, Twitter called the magazine out and accused them of being racist and immorally defining what constitutes beauty:


Coincidence? Sounds like quite a big ‘slip to us, as women all over the world continue the backlash for Cosmo’s lack of judgement.

Before a formal apology, Cosmo replied to a Twitter user by simply saying, “Empowering and supporting all women is our mission, and here, we fell short. We apologize and will do better in the future.” As a direct reply tweet and not a stand-alone public tweet, people criticised the publication even more, slamming the apology as “flimsy” and “superficial”. What do you think?

To prevent further complications, an editor’s note was posted to the article a few days later: “This article focuses on beauty trends with images that represent those trends. Some images have been taken out of context, and we apologize for any offense. Celebrating all women is our mission, and we will continue to work hard to do that.”

Clearly, Cosmo failed to recognize the error which makes us question their stance on racial equality. What’s even more perturbing is that the article remains on Cosmo’s website until this very day, and there are no signs of them taking the initiative to remove it from the site after the controversy.


Cosmo continues to be under heat as angry readers and commentators on social media call for a boycott. With a doubt, the single publication has cost Cosmo a significant amount of faithful followers. Hopefully, future features will utilize more inclusive portrayals of beauty as well as racial equity.


– Hyun Jung Choi ‘16

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The Biggest Throwback Ever

Relive the sweetest parts of your childhood with us.

As high schoolers, we are all terribly engrossed in our respective responsibilities, athletics, and academics. But it’s time to forget about all that for a short moment, and remember our favorite childhood shows! #hakunamatata #thefeeeeels

1. Kim Possible

  • EM. GEE. Kim Possible was every little kid’s role model. I mean, just think: the gadgets, the sass, the flips, and not to mention the CUTEST relationship with her sidekick Ron Stoppable? As little children, we watched Kim Possible struggle through her normal school life with rivals and drama, and then kick butt against the evil Dr. Drakken and Shego, all beside her best friend and later boyfriend, Ron (don’t forget Rufus, the naked mole rat).

“I love how her upper lip is so much more defined than her lower lip. Oh, and I miss her gadgets!” (Faith Choi, ‘16)

“I like how she’s a cheerleader. And I miss Ron Stoppable. We shipped them before shipping was a thing.” (Michelle Park, ‘16)

“She is life. She will be there. Don’t you know? Call me beep me when you wanna reach me.” (Wesley Lee, ‘16)

2. Suite Life of Zack and Cody

  • It wouldn’t be a complete list without the Tipton! Who didn’t watch these two crazy, funny twins wreak havoc upon the Tipton hotel? Who doesn’t remember Mr. Moseby’s “NO RUNNING IN THE LOBBY”? Who could forget the hilarious relationship between poor Maddie and rich London? No one!

“You could see their evolution. Like seriously we watched Zack and Cody from when they were like little kids until they were high schoolers.” (Michelle Park, ‘16)

“Zack and Cody! Ahhh!” (Kyle Shin, ‘16)

“I wish it was still playing. It feels like I grew up along with them in the Tipton.” (Taeshin Lee, ‘16)

“When I came home I used to just sit down and turn on the television and just watch Zack and Cody for hours and hours.” (Jennifer Lim, ‘17)

  1. High School Musical
  • The original high school romance: High School Musical. There are almost no words to describe the effect these movies had on the world. The perfect amount of drama, love, and random singing to truly define what the perfect high school life would be. We watched the new kid, Gabriella Montez, and the school’s superstar, Troy Bolton, overcome all obstacles and status quos through singing and love, slowly maturing into the adults they became when they graduated tearfully from their high school musical. Why can’t all high schools be like East High?

“What time is it? SUMMERTIME! Haha I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing that.” (Michelle Park, ‘16) 

“It built up my fantasy for what high school would be about.” (Lina Oh, ‘16)

“I liked the music and it’s like really bright.” (Tommy Choi, ‘16)

“It’s such a romantic high school life.” (Kyle Shin, ‘16)

  1. Danny Phantom
  • Danny Phantom was brave, strong, kind, and honest. He was basically the perfect guy (a little dorky, but still). On top of that, he had ghost “phantom” powers to combat any evil ghost! Not to mention, he made the most adorable couple with his best friend Sam! 

“I had the biggest crush on Danny Phantom!” (Faith Choi, ‘16)

“He was so cute!” (Michelle Park, ‘16)

  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • As a kid, one of the greatest adventures we could possibly dream of was the journey of the avatar to save the world from the fire nation. We eagerly watched wistfully as Aang, Katara, Toph, Sokka, Appa, Momo, and eventually Zuko, bonded through hardships for the sake of regaining peace within the world.

“‘But everything changed when the fire nation attacked.’ Oh my god. Because of this, when I was younger, I used to practice, hoping water would move.” (Michelle Park, ‘16)

“Avatar morally shaped my childhood. I learned so many lessons about friends and life. Like, I wanted to be Katara so much. She was my role model.” (Jaye Ahn, ‘16)

“I liked how they used elemental powers against each other.” (Jinny Lee, ‘16)

“It was nice.” (Brian Kim, ‘16)

  1. Jake the American Dragon
  • Asians represent, am I right? Jake the American Dragon was super chill and funny, but at the same time, amazingly cool with his transformation into a dragon! Come on, as a kid, didn’t we all wish to have the ability to become a fire-breathing dragon? And Rose with Jake was literally the cutest thing of the century!

“Oh, he was hella cute.” (Jaye Ahn, ‘16)

“Jake was adorable I wanted him to be my little brother.” (Faith Choi, ‘16)


  1. Xiaolin Showdown
  • Xiaolin Showdown was a rare jewel, but if you watched it, you know of the absolute joy it brought you as a kid. As the Chosen Ones, Omi, Kimiko, Raimundo, Clay, and their dragon Dojo, fight evil villains for the possession of powerful items. Mystical and exciting, this was a show that portrayed strong friendships and depth in the storyline.

“It was my childhood Adventure Time. It was so thrilling and adventurous and it got me so pumped!” (Jaye Ahn, ‘16) 

“It was cool! There was a lot of fighting and it was unique, like how they had to fight for the items.” (Agnes Kim, ‘16)

  1. Teen Titans
  • “When there’s trouble you know who to call, Teen Titans!” Robin, the brave leader, Beastboy, the comedian, Cyborg, the half-robot, Starfire, the pretty alien, and Raven, the meditator. These heroes saved the world each episode, with hilarious chemistry and teamwork. Every kid wanted to join the titans and become heroes too!

 “I like Robin the best.” (Faith Choi, ‘16)

“Beastboy was the funniest, Robin was the cutest, and Starfire was the prettiest” (Michelle Park. ‘16)

“Slade was the best bad guy ever.” (Agnes Kim, ‘16)

“Titans, go!” (Irene Lee, ‘16)

  1. That’s So Raven
  • Raven, the girl who can see into the future, always got herself into weird chaos that was resolved way too comically. The Baxter family, Eddie, and Chelsea always found ways to make us laugh when we were kids! Don’t you miss her sass and spunk?

“It has an iconic theme song.” (Faith Choi, ‘16)

“Ya nasty! Haha, I always say that.” (Michelle Park, ‘16)


  1. Code Lyoko
  • A virtual world became a reality in Code Lyoko, as Jeremy, Ulrich, Yumi, Odd, and Aelita battled through monsters in the digital Lyoko to stop electrical attacks from the evil Xana. This show was amazing, with the complex plot and true bonding between the friends.

“The music was very cool. It was so futuristic. I remember the little spider with the crystal things! My favorite character was the ninja guy!” (Taeshin Lee, ‘16)

Aahh… Memories… Doesn’t this take you back? Remember to add these shows to your to-watch-in-senior-second-semester list so you have something to look forward to! (Or to your to-watch-when-procrastinating list HAHA). Because every once in a while in the midst of our busy lives, it feels good to go back to the past and remember what used to easily entertain us for hours on end: superheroes, special powers, and epic villains.

– Sarah Chin (’16)

The Yemen Crisis

The problem may seem far away, but here’s why it still matters.

With so many headlines dominating the news, people fail to acknowledge the crisis taking place in Yemen. For those who don’t know much about Yemen, it’s located below Saudi Arabia and is the poorest country in the Middle East.


Recently, Saudi Arabia has been launching military attacks at rebels in Yemen. Saudi Arabia strives to restore the Yemeni government, which had been kicked out by the rebels earlier this year. With Yemen being part of Saudi Arabia’s coalition and a key ally in fighting against Al Queda, Saudi Arabia can not risk losing Yemen to the rebels. If the rebels do win, Saudi Arabia would face numerous consequences and require a heavily guarded southern border against the Iranian government. Already under constant pressure by the countries to the north, losing Yemen to the rebels is a disgrace that the Saudi Arabian government will not tolerate.


Saudi Arabia already began to launch missiles, especially at Northern Yemen where most of the rebels are located. But of course, the missiles and airstrikes are just the beginning. Saudi Arabia has shown their determination by pledging to send over 150,000 soldiers to the coalition that would be fighting against the rebels in Yemen. The United States, however, stated that they would not intervene directly with troops, but would rather support Saudi Arabia with the supply of information.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 6.42.10 PM

Because so many countries are against it, civil war has erupted inside Yemen with the south supporting the military attacks against the north. At this point, all we can really do is to wait and hope for the best. With many terrorist groups in Yemen, such as ISIS, Al Queda, and AQAP, it is critical that the Saudi government achieve its goal and stabilize the Yemini government in a timely manner.

– Andy Yang (’16)
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Sarah Chin’s Guide to Becoming a Regular

I’ll have the usual.

Imagine this scenario:

You walk into your favorite cafe and smile at the worker, whose name you know to be, let’s say, Jimmy. 
You say, “Hey Jimmy, I want my regular today.”
Jimmy smiles and says, “Hi! It’s good to see you again. Sure, no problem. Oh hey, we got a new menu item today. I’ll just throw it in for free, only for you, what do you say?”
You laugh and say, “Thanks Jimmy! You’re the best! I’ll see you later!”
Take a deep, comforting sigh, because you know this is where you belong.


Becoming a regular customer at a cafe or restaurant. It’s everyone’s dream, right? But getting noticed by the workers requires a lot of commitment. Don’t worry, it’s not that much work! (Trust me, this is from years of experience.) Here are some steps you can follow so that you can start getting all that free food!

1. Pick the right place.


This is actually the most important step. You need to find a restaurant or a cafe that is perfect for you. Now, it can’t just be anywhere. You need to think about the location, taste, and price. Ask yourself ‘Will I really eat here often?’ Pick a place near your home, school, or hagwon, basically a place where you can make it a routine to go to. But remember to make sure that you enjoy the food they sell, and avoid selecting places that have a limited menu (because you’re going to be eating there pretty often). Lastly, think of the price, and find a place that doesn’t charge 7,000 won for a cup of mediocre coffee. Basically, don’t choose that 5-star restaurant two hours away. Go for the nearest coffee shop you would love to study in! Carefully consider your options, and go with your gut feeling!

2. Smile at the workers!

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Okay, you’ve entered your chosen destination, and now you have to make the best first impression you could possibly make in your life. This is the start! So, before you say anything, smile at the workers, laugh if something funny happens, and follow up on any jokes that they tell. This will take a lot of effort, but you have to show that you are an open, welcoming person. Have fun with this, and things will just start to flow.

3. Return often, and at regular times.


In order to become a regular customer with the benefits, you have to put in some work of your own. Invest in the restaurant or cafe, and visit their shop frequently! Even if you swing buy to buy something on the go, the workers will remember that and start to realize what a valuable customer you are! Also, it helps to visit at specific times. That way, the same workers will most likely be there, and thus they will be more likely to remember you.

4. Be memorable.


You have to differentiate yourself from all those other customers who don’t come regularly like you do. It might be hard for employees to recognize you otherwise. So, first, wear memorable attire. Whether it be a backpack, a big jacket, sweatpants, or a hat, make sure that you wear something consistently whenever you visit the shop. If they have trouble recognizing your face, they will definitely recognize your clothes. It could even be a cool conversation-starter! Second, you could make memorable impressions through your actions. It’s simple, just do something that other customers don’t! For example, you could trip, drop your money, or speak a different language. Even though it might be embarrassing, it will definitely catch the eyes of the employees. Lastly, you need to order consistently as well. However, there is a more complex aspect to this strategy. Order something consistently, but make it a unique item. For example, if you want a vanilla latte, you could say “vanilla latte with extra cream” or “iced vanilla latte with less ice and more milk”. Then you’ll be ingrained in their memories forever, and every time you come, your ‘regular’ will be that quirky, unique item.

5. Make them know you’re worth it!.


You have to prove to the workers that you are worth investing in! Nothing is better than a customer who attracts other customers, right? So, bring your friends along! Plus, you can act more natural when you are with your friends, and that might make you more likable and could even break awkwardness between you and the workers. You could also order a lot of food. This makes you memorable, yes, but also shows that you are a precious customer who will contribute a lot to the survival and success of the shop itself! They will also trust that if they give you some extra service free food, you will be able to finish it all. And come on, you know that if you buy a lot of food, the workers are in a better mood automatically.

Are you ready? Prepped with all the right steps, go out there and start the journey to fulfilling your dream of becoming a regular! Soon, you’ll be getting free food and maybe even contact information from the workers! It’s the perfect win-win situation, so get started now!


– Sarah Chin (’16)
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