The Biggest Throwback Ever

Relive the sweetest parts of your childhood with us.

As high schoolers, we are all terribly engrossed in our respective responsibilities, athletics, and academics. But it’s time to forget about all that for a short moment, and remember our favorite childhood shows! #hakunamatata #thefeeeeels

1. Kim Possible

  • EM. GEE. Kim Possible was every little kid’s role model. I mean, just think: the gadgets, the sass, the flips, and not to mention the CUTEST relationship with her sidekick Ron Stoppable? As little children, we watched Kim Possible struggle through her normal school life with rivals and drama, and then kick butt against the evil Dr. Drakken and Shego, all beside her best friend and later boyfriend, Ron (don’t forget Rufus, the naked mole rat).

“I love how her upper lip is so much more defined than her lower lip. Oh, and I miss her gadgets!” (Faith Choi, ‘16)

“I like how she’s a cheerleader. And I miss Ron Stoppable. We shipped them before shipping was a thing.” (Michelle Park, ‘16)

“She is life. She will be there. Don’t you know? Call me beep me when you wanna reach me.” (Wesley Lee, ‘16)

2. Suite Life of Zack and Cody

  • It wouldn’t be a complete list without the Tipton! Who didn’t watch these two crazy, funny twins wreak havoc upon the Tipton hotel? Who doesn’t remember Mr. Moseby’s “NO RUNNING IN THE LOBBY”? Who could forget the hilarious relationship between poor Maddie and rich London? No one!

“You could see their evolution. Like seriously we watched Zack and Cody from when they were like little kids until they were high schoolers.” (Michelle Park, ‘16)

“Zack and Cody! Ahhh!” (Kyle Shin, ‘16)

“I wish it was still playing. It feels like I grew up along with them in the Tipton.” (Taeshin Lee, ‘16)

“When I came home I used to just sit down and turn on the television and just watch Zack and Cody for hours and hours.” (Jennifer Lim, ‘17)

  1. High School Musical
  • The original high school romance: High School Musical. There are almost no words to describe the effect these movies had on the world. The perfect amount of drama, love, and random singing to truly define what the perfect high school life would be. We watched the new kid, Gabriella Montez, and the school’s superstar, Troy Bolton, overcome all obstacles and status quos through singing and love, slowly maturing into the adults they became when they graduated tearfully from their high school musical. Why can’t all high schools be like East High?

“What time is it? SUMMERTIME! Haha I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing that.” (Michelle Park, ‘16) 

“It built up my fantasy for what high school would be about.” (Lina Oh, ‘16)

“I liked the music and it’s like really bright.” (Tommy Choi, ‘16)

“It’s such a romantic high school life.” (Kyle Shin, ‘16)

  1. Danny Phantom
  • Danny Phantom was brave, strong, kind, and honest. He was basically the perfect guy (a little dorky, but still). On top of that, he had ghost “phantom” powers to combat any evil ghost! Not to mention, he made the most adorable couple with his best friend Sam! 

“I had the biggest crush on Danny Phantom!” (Faith Choi, ‘16)

“He was so cute!” (Michelle Park, ‘16)

  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • As a kid, one of the greatest adventures we could possibly dream of was the journey of the avatar to save the world from the fire nation. We eagerly watched wistfully as Aang, Katara, Toph, Sokka, Appa, Momo, and eventually Zuko, bonded through hardships for the sake of regaining peace within the world.

“‘But everything changed when the fire nation attacked.’ Oh my god. Because of this, when I was younger, I used to practice, hoping water would move.” (Michelle Park, ‘16)

“Avatar morally shaped my childhood. I learned so many lessons about friends and life. Like, I wanted to be Katara so much. She was my role model.” (Jaye Ahn, ‘16)

“I liked how they used elemental powers against each other.” (Jinny Lee, ‘16)

“It was nice.” (Brian Kim, ‘16)

  1. Jake the American Dragon
  • Asians represent, am I right? Jake the American Dragon was super chill and funny, but at the same time, amazingly cool with his transformation into a dragon! Come on, as a kid, didn’t we all wish to have the ability to become a fire-breathing dragon? And Rose with Jake was literally the cutest thing of the century!

“Oh, he was hella cute.” (Jaye Ahn, ‘16)

“Jake was adorable I wanted him to be my little brother.” (Faith Choi, ‘16)


  1. Xiaolin Showdown
  • Xiaolin Showdown was a rare jewel, but if you watched it, you know of the absolute joy it brought you as a kid. As the Chosen Ones, Omi, Kimiko, Raimundo, Clay, and their dragon Dojo, fight evil villains for the possession of powerful items. Mystical and exciting, this was a show that portrayed strong friendships and depth in the storyline.

“It was my childhood Adventure Time. It was so thrilling and adventurous and it got me so pumped!” (Jaye Ahn, ‘16) 

“It was cool! There was a lot of fighting and it was unique, like how they had to fight for the items.” (Agnes Kim, ‘16)

  1. Teen Titans
  • “When there’s trouble you know who to call, Teen Titans!” Robin, the brave leader, Beastboy, the comedian, Cyborg, the half-robot, Starfire, the pretty alien, and Raven, the meditator. These heroes saved the world each episode, with hilarious chemistry and teamwork. Every kid wanted to join the titans and become heroes too!

 “I like Robin the best.” (Faith Choi, ‘16)

“Beastboy was the funniest, Robin was the cutest, and Starfire was the prettiest” (Michelle Park. ‘16)

“Slade was the best bad guy ever.” (Agnes Kim, ‘16)

“Titans, go!” (Irene Lee, ‘16)

  1. That’s So Raven
  • Raven, the girl who can see into the future, always got herself into weird chaos that was resolved way too comically. The Baxter family, Eddie, and Chelsea always found ways to make us laugh when we were kids! Don’t you miss her sass and spunk?

“It has an iconic theme song.” (Faith Choi, ‘16)

“Ya nasty! Haha, I always say that.” (Michelle Park, ‘16)


  1. Code Lyoko
  • A virtual world became a reality in Code Lyoko, as Jeremy, Ulrich, Yumi, Odd, and Aelita battled through monsters in the digital Lyoko to stop electrical attacks from the evil Xana. This show was amazing, with the complex plot and true bonding between the friends.

“The music was very cool. It was so futuristic. I remember the little spider with the crystal things! My favorite character was the ninja guy!” (Taeshin Lee, ‘16)

Aahh… Memories… Doesn’t this take you back? Remember to add these shows to your to-watch-in-senior-second-semester list so you have something to look forward to! (Or to your to-watch-when-procrastinating list HAHA). Because every once in a while in the midst of our busy lives, it feels good to go back to the past and remember what used to easily entertain us for hours on end: superheroes, special powers, and epic villains.

– Sarah Chin (’16)

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