Guys’ Promposal Tips 2k15

The guide for the best promposal – according to the guys of KIS.


Promposals here, promposals there, promposals everywhere, love is in the air!

Or something like that.


Over these past few weeks, promposals have been popping all over school and outside of school (we’re talking to you, Joonki Jin), and smitten girls have bashfully taken the flowers, or gifts, or hugs from the promposal initiator, signed an unwritten contract by saying “yes,” and are soon off to prom in the next month or so.


But, as many promposal as there are right now, there still should be more to come — there’s still time left!

Don’t know who to turn to, who to ask, what to do?

As always, Blueprint’s gotchu. We’ve gathered useful tips (up to your judgment, really) from KIS’s finest on How To Get The Girl: Prom 2k15 Edition.


Masayoshi Sakakura (‘16)

“Despite the size of the audience who will be watching, promposal is only between you and your partner. So, be sure to prepare a kind of promposal your partner wants but not what others want.”


Jerry Kim (‘16)

“First of all, to do a promposal, confidence is essential. You got to be confident that you are going to the prom with the person that you chose. Well to be so confident, it’s pretty important to have a solid plan. Simulate the promposal in your head to see if the plan is perfect or just the way you want it to be. The most important factor is affection towards the person. That, I think, does not require explanation.”


James Kwon (‘16):

“Don’t ask a flower if you don’t want to be called a flower boy. (We’re talking to you, Taeshin.)”


Charlie Park (‘16):

“Make it brief, but meaningful.”

HyunJae Moon (‘16):

“Be confident and feel pride in promposing!”


Harry Song (‘16):



John Park (‘15):

“Something creative and meaningful. It should be a promposal that can only be done to that one person. Whether it’s public or private doesn’t matter, only that the message feels genuine.”

c. Hannah Kim (’15)


– Faith Choi (’16)

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