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Our school just can’t get enough of our musical talents.

(JohnDavid Choi ’18)

Patio on Fire, Unplugged, and now, KIS Music Entertainment’s Sketchbook. Music Entertainment Club held their very first concert last Friday, and it ended up being a huge turnout. Both students and parents enjoyed high quality music performed by KIS’ most renowned and talented musicians, as well as savory food prepared by the club’s marketing group. Who doesn’t appreciate relaxing music while munching on house burgers and sipping on their original mocktail? Wait, did you miss out on the event? Don’t worry, Blueprint’s got you covered. Read more to find out more about what happened at the conference hall on April 3rd.


Suahn Hur ('18) and Suji Yang ('18) create a beautiful harmony with their vocals. (JohnDavid Choi, '18)
Suahn Hur (’18) and Suji Yang (’18) create a beautiful harmony with their vocals. (JohnDavid Choi, ’18)

But before that, when did KIS Music Entertainment even become a club? The club was founded this semester, by Yumi Kim (‘17) and Stacy Jo (‘17), and helped out by seniors, Yeon Ho Kang (‘15) and Peter Kim (‘15) to make the club a dream-come-true. The club was created for the purpose of organizing annual large-scaled concerts that are completely student-led. Kind of crazy, huh?

As Yeon Ho Peter Kang (‘15), the club’s President says,

“The KIS Music Entertainment club started by the thought of ‘Hey, why not create a club that raises fund for a concert and organize one?’ This happened in September last year. After months of planning, the club was created in the second semester in hopes of a concert in April”.

They managed to achieve such a feat without any help from teachers. The key is the cooperativity and teamwork between the club’s arts, technology, vocalists, session band, marketing, and backstage groups. Each club member offered help in the various areas for their first concert, Sketchbook, to become a genuine success. “Art, tech, vocalist, session, advertisement departments each selected a leader for their department and gave their best,” says Yeon Ho (‘15).


Peter Kang ('15) totally, completely owns the stage. (JohnDavid Choi '18)
Peter Kang (’15) totally, completely owning the stage. (JohnDavid Choi, ’18)

If you think about it, having a completely student-led, teacher-free event bring successful results is pretty tough. As Jungwook Han (‘16), the secondary leader of the technology section mentions,

“One of the main reasons Sketchbook was different from Patio on Fire or Unplugged is that the whole thing was student-led, meaning that the band setup, advertisement plans, budget management, lighting, and many more aspects of the show were all done by student members. In the beginning, the general goal was to create a student-led professional entertainment group that would seem as if it were actually produced by adults, so we can say that it was achieved quite successfully by the first official concert from the KIS Music Entertainment Club”.

Sure, it may seem like any other concert. But what it took for the club to get here, is a whole different story. 

Following their motto, “To produce their very own concerts,” KIS Music Entertainment club worked extremely hard and devoted a significant amount of time during these past four months. Members all sacrificed their after school free times as well as their lunch times to both advertise and get ready for their concert. After all, perseverance is a must when it comes to successful endings. As Yeon Ho Kang (‘15) recalls,

“About thirty people, including in and outside club members, sacrificed their own time to actually organize the concert.”

Erica Lee (‘17) and Yumi Kim (‘17), both members of the club frantically run around to sell tickets, and Stacy Jo (‘17) passionately practicing her singing in the practice room were not rare sights. And the end product was certainly a huge payoff of their efforts. From Sooji Yang (‘18)’s  angelic voice to Michelle Bae (‘17)’s so-very-talented singing, the audience was absolutely stunned by the performance quality. One of the audience members, Grace Kim (‘17) reflects upon the concert as, “It was refreshing, hearing nice quality music (especially Masa’s saxophone skills).”

Michelle Bae (’17) also made an appearance to show off her über talented skills. (JohnDavid Choi, ’18)

 No doubt, each and every club member is both extremely satisfied and proud of what Sketchbook has become after four rigorous months. Here are some of the things the club members have to say about Sketchbook, now that it’s all over.


“It was a great experience as a newcomer to this school and to the world of performance music”.

– Suahn Hur (‘18)


“It was truly amazing. I’d never thought that just a band of kids could go so far and perform so well”.

– Jared Son (‘19)


“I got scouted by Stacy since the original drummer could not stay with us. I was the only Middle School session member except the strings quartet. I thought the upperclassmen would be very strict, but they were actually really nice to me and we were able to become close quickly. Through this experience, I learnt a lot on how to work with people older than me. I hope I get into the club next year too!”

–  Jaemin Yoo (‘19)


“I never could have thought our first performance would be a huge success! I guess that’s just how powerful music is. And that’s the reason I joined: to make good music for all to listen to”.

–  Daniel Park (‘17)


“I believe that sketchbook was a great success, and I’m so glad that things had turned out well. however, there were some bumps in the road that took a lot of time to fix, but by next year, those will disappear and we will have plenty of time to fix them. I’m looking forward to next year, and the future of the club as a whole”.

– Stacy Jo (‘17)


“Although the concert had some technical issues during the performance, the performers and the backstage crew gave their best and we are completely satisfied with our result. This club will continue on until the end of KIS and the alumni are going to give support to the club. The goal of the club is to be the biggest and the most powerful musical organization in KIS that can fund school’s musical events and lend necessary equipments for the musical activities that students want to make happen. The performance level of the concert will improve every year and hopefully, it will be something that only KIS can manage and only KIS can organize. Hoping that it will be something that even the other international schools admire and come to watch”.

– Yeon Ho Kang (‘15)


“Sketchbook was extremely successful. The club received only positive comments about the music, the food, and atmosphere. Considering that our club is only a semester old (3 months!), I’m still awed at the quality and effort of the work that the club members put in for the concert. Special thanks to Peter Kang, Stacy Jo, Yumi Kim, who took on leading roles throughout the preparation process”.

–  Peter Kim (‘15)


We all cannot wait for what KIS Music Entertainment Club has to show us next time. Their first concert was more than impressive, so who knows what their second one will be like? Peter Kim (‘15), the club President, also remarked,

“For next year, I’d love to see the club spread out more within the school community. As the name of the club, ‘KIS Music Entertainment’ suggests, I hope the club reaches a professional status so that other clubs and school organizations can consult us for music performance related events. And I hope they do better than this year’s concert!”


Sketchbook was a lovely experience for us all, and it gave us the strength to hold on until the end of this school year. Thank you, KIS Music Entertainment club, for organizing Sketchbook and providing us with a piece of peace before the AP exams and finals!

– Leona Maruyama
Header: JohnDavid Choi (’18)

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