The Fashion of Coachella 2015

Check out Blueprint’s top 5 (unsurprising) trends of Coachella 2015.

Not too long ago, you might’ve heard some of your friends or your peers whining about how all they want to be at is one place: Indio, California, home of one of the most popular music festivals in the world.


We’re talking Coachella.


People from all over the United States and the world, fly out to California during April to attend this two-weekend event. And although it’s an art and music festival with highly anticipated performance lineups and attending celebrities teeming in every corner, Coachella is also very well known for its inspirational fashion, or rather a lack thereof.

Blueprint’s put together the top 5 most popular fashion trends spotted this year at Coachella 2015. Whether or not you want to follow these cliché trends for the upcoming spring and summer, though, is completely up to you.


     1. Fringe

Following Coachella’s everlasting trend of the so-called ‘boho-chic,’ fringe is supposedly a must-have in your Coachella-closet. Whether it’s on your skirt, or your shirt, or your pants (God-forbid) or your boots, or your backpack, you’re sure to fit right in. It’s all in the name of boho, people.


     2. Crochet

The crochet has also been popular at Coachella. It lets you be a little cooler in the unforgiving desert whether of Coachella Valley while looking decent (that is, if you pull it off correctly). A crochet top or dress is easy to pair and mix, so this is definitely a staple for your Coachella fashion needs.


     3. Statement Accessories

Many Coachella-goers stick with simple, solid colors such as black, white, or a tan shade go heavy on the statement accessories. This usually tends to come in the form of a chunky necklace, especially as seen in Coachella. This can be great to make a plain outfit pop, but make sure that you don’t stray too far from your color scheme, and keep the accessories at a minimal or your outfit can end up looking messy. Check out how these Coachella-goers outfitted their statement accessories!


 4. Flash Tattoos

Flash tattoos have also becoming increasingly popular lately. These temporary tats usually come in the shade of gold and silver, and are literally just like your average childhood temporary tattoos, except less peely and definitely cooler looking… or not. They are usually applied on your wrists or the upper portions of your arms, and usually look like you’re just wearing extra bracelets. They’re a nice accessory to be sporting around during your weekend in Coachella, and not worrying about losing them or them being a burden. Not sure how well they work with your tan lines, though.


     5. Flower Crown

Ah, yes, the flower crown. How can anyone forget. Of course, Vanessa Hudgens, the queen of Coachella (who sadly could not make it this year) has done this fashion the best. Not sure who even thought about this in the first place, but hey, all in the name of boho, right? (Is this even boho?) The flower crown can make you look dainty and carefree and just light up your face, but if the size is too large, it can just end up looking like a head dress. But since Coachella takes place in the springtime, what better way to celebrate the coming of a new season than with a nice, pretty flower crown?


Overall, I’m not surprised that there weren’t astoundingly new trends to show up at Coachella this year. Coachella is a tradition, everything from the art, to the music, to the fashion, to the showing off. But what is exciting to see, though, is how different generations apply this fashion differently every year.

– Faith Choi (’16)

Header: Craig Arend, Harper’s Bazaar

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