Last Minute Prom Tips 2K15 for Girls

Scrambling for your dress and makeup? Blueprint’s gotchu

Partner? Check. Tickets? Check.

…Dress? Hair?? Makeup???

If you’re overwhelmed by your massive to-do list before prom and don’t know where to start or what to do – relax! And take a deep breath. It’s surprisingly simpler than you might imagine.

Here are a few tips and comments from veteran prom masters of the graduating senior class (Jasmine Lee, Julie Suh, and Stephanie Yang) to prepare you on your prom-tastic journey so you’ll be looking head to toe fabulous without even breaking a sweat.


➣ Area of Concern #1: The Dress


 Jasmine: Even though a lot of people order their prom dresses online from the States, I always get mine in Korea at Itaewon because I think it’s important to try it on before I buy it!

Julie: I got mine from my wardrobe hahaha, but it’s originally from the States.

Stephanie: A shop near Idae (이대); there’s a street lined with just dress rental places.


➣ Area of Concern #2: The Hair and Makeup


 Jasmine: I get my hair done at the hair salon, and I think preparations usually take about three hours including nails, hair, makeup, etc. (at home).

Julie: I got my hair done at this hair salon where I usually go to called 이경미, and it took me around 2-3 hours.

Stephanie:  My hair and makeup were a part of my dress package (done across the street), and prep – including last fittings – took about 2 hours.


➣ Tips:

Jasmine: Prom ends pretty late, so it can be kind of chilly, so make sure to prepare a shawl or jacket!

Julie: My tip for you is to not wear high ‘high heels’ for too long.

Stephanie: Make sure to book hair and makeup early because a lot of the good places get filled up quickly.


➢ “Something I wished I would’ve known…”

Jasmine: Something I wished I would’ve known before going to prom last year was to bring extra shoes to wear when I went to hang out with my friends after prom, or to bring an emergency kit for smudged makeup!

Julie: I wish that I’d have known to not over think hehehe..

Stephanie: I wish I’d have known that online shopping is a risk because you really don’t know how the dress is going to fit – if it doesn’t, it’s too late to return it and get a different size.

Well there you have it! Not too bad right? But whatever screw-ups that may inevitably happen with your dress or hair and makeup, know that it’s all about having fun! Seize the night and party away! Don’t let all the hairspray fumes and glitter get to your head~


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