Graduation ’15 Part II: “If Only I…”

If only I knew it would end so soon.

“If only I…  

…studied more.”  

…had met you earlier.”  

…procrastinated less.”  

With graduation in less than 12 hours (I can’t believe it either), the inevitable game of reflect and regret begins for both the upperclassmen and underclassmen. The year is winding down to a close: AP exams have been administered, final projects have been assigned, and yearbooks signed ad nauseum. All the while, for the graduating seniors of the Class of 2015, an entire chapter of life is slowly coming to a close, while a new one is waiting to be opened.  

Endings are liberating; but it’s difficult to savor the end with the bitter taste of regret lurking in the background.  

If only I tried out for the soccer team.

If only I talked to him/her earlier.

If only I pushed myself a little harder in senior first semester.  

Here are what some seniors had to say:

No matter how hard we try, regrets will always be embedded in our lives, in our day-to-day, 24 hour experiences.  

Although it is difficult to detach ourselves from the past, and although regret is never the healthiest form of thought, perhaps it may be a suitable thought during a time of frequent goodbyes and farewells. Of course, regrets suck, but hopefully we remember to still put the losses to good use, and to remember to always counterbalance it with our gratitude and good memories. It’s to help remind ourselves of the values and failures we’ve collected over the years – a reminder to live our lives to the fullest, from the small, daily things that we do, to the special things we get to share with the special people in our lives.  

To wrap it up, here is Emma Yang with her two cents on senior year:

“Being a senior is odd. While a chapter of your life is closing down, another novel world opens up in front of you. It is a battered mixture of anxiety, excitement, confusion, and many more inadequately inexplicable emotions. However, here I am, gratified to have made friends that follow through every minor mishaps I take on and to have met people that inspire me on another level. I will always have an indebted appreciation for all the memories and experiences that KIS has bestowed and will reminisce, always, about the moments we shared together!”

  Goodbye seniors :’)

– Jaye Ahn (’16)

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