Graduation ’15 Part IV: Gratitude for the Graduates

Just two words: thank you.


All beautiful things must come to an end, and this beautiful class of 2015 and their beautiful – questionable word choice – time here at KIS has also come to a dissolution.


oh-lina---graduation_17714566284_oBeginning with the music department’s annual – yet still stunning – ensemble, to Mr. van Moppes’ modest, genuine speech, to Joonyon Park’s striking solo. From Cindy Lim’s beautiful high-note melodies, to Jaehyun Park’s joyous serenade to the class of 2015, all the way to Ara Cho’s usual moment of selfie; this graduation was filled with all things cheerful, unique, K15story-worthy, just like the class of 2015.



Seniors, your class in its own entity has made a difference here at KIS. Your unparalleled leadership – whether you recognize it or not – has closed the wide chasm between upperclassmen and underclassmen, moving KIS away from the rigidness of a typical Korean society, and brought comfort and inclusiveness, and “joy” into our lives (as Jaehyun Park so eloquently sang), all of which the underclassmen will hopefully have enough responsibility to carry onto the next generation of KIS. This class has produced, by far, the largest number of competent leaders, and though the current juniors are burdened by the thought of following after your foot steps and filling up the ineffably large shoes you’ve left behind, these two overused words cannot be truer: thank you.

oh-lina---graduation_18149440788_o oh-lina---graduation_18338633621_o

Thank you for showing us how to have fun and enjoy each others’ company amidst the most stressful times. Thank you for leading by example, not by words. Thank you for being our friend, not our sunbaes.

But most of all, thank you for being you – the humble, creative, self-driven, and funny, you.

– Lina Oh (’16)

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