10 Things To Do During Pre-College Summer

High School has ended and graduation is over – now what? Here are 10 things to do during the summer for all the bored future college freshmen out there.

Header Summer is a time of sugar, spice, and everything nice. It’s a time you finally get to be dreamy, wear that swimming suit you’ve been dying to try on, and eat your favorite ice-cream flavor that’s back in style. It’s a time—a very memorable one, indeed—when you’re allowed to be crazy and carefree without the loads of schoolwork dragging you back to reality. It’s when summer life becomes your reality. But for those with the college countdown ready to go, this summer is a bit different, special. Before packing bags and hitting the waves, all seniors AKA pre-college students should give the below to-do-list a try.


1 Before you embark on your crazy summer expeditions, whip out your high-school yearbook and shuffle through all the heart-warming messages your friends scribbled. Relive all the favorite memories that resurface, relish all the “thank you’s” and rare compliments that your friends were too shy to say in person, and get closure on your high school life. Once you accept the fact that you’re no longer a high-schooler, you’re set and ready to go.


2 Summer is a time of starting anew. Restock on your old wardrobe; you’re probably going to go shopping anyway. Throw away—or even better, give away—your freshmen year clothing that are gathering dusty bunnies in the corner of your room, and say goodbye to all your preppy clothing! Besides your closet, your room also will also need a makeover. Get rid of all the unopened AP prepbooks, piles of SAT vocabulary, and months-old school worksheets—you’re done with that life!


3 Especially for those attending college abroad, your all-time favorite places will no longer be of walking distance. Go as often as possible to your respective restaurants or cafes, order your beloved entrees, and take long, slow bites. Commit them to memory for you to think of when you’re later munching on the bland dining hall food.


4 The time of dreaming and listing is over; go take a dive at your bucket list. Always wanted to dye your hair pink? Go for it! Wanted to combine your favorite foods into one, gigantic bundle of a mess? Why not? After all, you’re only young once. When else are you going to use your youth as an excuse?


5 Whether you fly across the ocean or stay in the country, go wherever your heart desires. Going on road trips with your friends is an option, or you can even simply go camping right outside your house. Just make sure to make out the most of what little time you have.


6 Whenever, wherever, and whatever you do, make sure to take a camera along with you. Pictures can help you remember minuscule details and even cheer you up when you feel homesick. Why not even upload them on social media? After all, your memories may fade but you’ll still have the pictures to keep for life.


7 Sure, summer is fun but spending it with someone else will make it even better. Before you head off to college for another round of academically packed schedules, find a lovely girl/boy, strike up a conversation, and have a short summer fling! It’s sweet and fun—in an innocent way, of course.


8 Say goodbye to your mother’s food and hello to the dining hall. If not, learn how to cook dishes of your own. No, not toasting bread, boiling ramen, or scrambling eggs, but real food like fettuccine alfredo, casseroles, and stir-fries. Soon enough, with practice, practice, and practice you may be able to whip up a gourmet meal.


9 After all your wild journeys, take time to settle down with a good book. You finally have time to read for pleasure, not for school, so attack the pile of books that you’ve neglected for a while. Fantasy? Romance? Classic? Whichever you choose, it will calm you down and provide you with some alone-time and an opportunity for introspection.


10 Last, but certainly not least, make time for your lovelies. Soon, you’ll be an ocean away from your family and the next time you see them may be during Christmas. Make sure to create new memories and take advantage of your mother’s home cooked meals—you’ll miss them. Don’t neglect your friends either. Be a teen, stock up on snacks, and prepare a massive sleepover that you’ll never forget.  


In the end, just enjoy every second. You only experience this carefree summer once, so cherish it—you definitely deserve to.


– Emily Kim (’16)

Headers by Yunji Lee

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