The Return of the 90’s Fashion

Just how many times have you seen chokers and overalls today?

It’s official: the 90’s fashion is making a comeback, and we are more excited than ever before. Truth be told, the 90’s may remind us of everything from tuning Seinfeld to fiddling with our pink Tamagotchis. But we certainly cannot forget the ten years of style revolution in the ‘90s. Many of the old trends back in the days have been rebooted to a more modern version, but still with the funky retro vibe. And yes, this is a fact confirmed by many of the hottest celebrities out there – people like Rihanna spotted down the street in comfy blue overalls.

Lucky (or unlucky) for you, these four trends will fill you with a healthy dose of 90’s nostalgia – which you might actually admit to owning at least one of them today.

Get ready to empty out your wallet. Do you remember any of these iconic pieces?


  1. Chokers

Chokers were the ultimate accessory of choice in the 90s, coveted by many of the top fashionistas and Hollywood celebrities (massive shoutout to Christina Aguilera). After a decade, they’re finally back, and this time around they’ve upgraded into even better style features. As they’re short and cling to the neck, they happen to look great with crew-neck tees as well as deep plunging V-necks to accentuate the faceline. They also act as statement pieces for bringing out a hip, sexy edge to blazers and denim jackets.


Ashley Kim - "Return of the 90's Fashion" Ashley Kim - "Return of the 90's Fashion"


  1. Slouchy, Wide-Legged Jeans

It’s no wonder the phrase “the baggier, the better” was created. Back in the ’90s, the ultimate “fashionable jeans” were high-waisted, saggy, and often tattered in all the right places. Usually they were dressed down with oversized mesh shirts and knit vests in fun argyle prints. Now, it’s all about pairing with bright neoprene sweatshirts and stylishly distressed baby tees. If you’re feeling extra retro, you can also play it up by adding chunky buffalo heels and big, sparkly jewelry to the entire ensemble. After all, one can never go wrong with a kick of a vintage flavor to spice up the 90’s attire.


Ashley Kim - "Return of the 90's Fashion"
(California Dreams)
Kendall Jenner Jeans (Glamour Magazine UK)
Kendall Jenner bringing back the baggy denim (Glamour Magazine UK)














  1. Denim Overalls

Despite its slightly primary school feel, distressed denim overalls bragged the casual, laid-back style of boy-meets-girl. Ranging from classic indigo to acid-wash, many people were able to easily pull off the dungarees with baggy plaid shirts and hoop earrings. The overall look back in the day had giant pockets sewn on the front and slouched in a straight, H-line form. Overalls were a very simple yet sophisticated piece, and could transform into many looks and styles – attracting plenty of fans to rave over. In the current day, overalls are more form-fitting with various lengths and tighter pant width. Pop a cute little clutch with it, and voila, you just turned yourself into a mini Winona Ryder. Grunge is back ladies, but don’t worry, it’s way less dirty.


Ashley Kim - "Return of the 90's Fashion"
Remember your favorite 90s TV show?

Ashley Kim - "Return of the 90's Fashion"



  1. Knee-High Socks

Cute? Definitely. Ankle-length? Think again. As referenced in the 90’s classic fashion movie Clueless, the demand for lengthy knee-high socks is starting to run high these days, and it’s definitely a wonderful surprise. Neutral hue, nubby knit, and sheer fair-isle print were all types of socks that were big back in the days, inspired from the style icon/heroine Cher Horowitz. Usually paired with plaid skirts and preppy tweed blazers that seamlessly framed the lace-up oxfords, knee-high socks were iconic influences that shaped the fashion world. Today, knee high socks can be worn with pretty much any outfit, especially with a pleated skirt and a loose knit sweater (just like Blake Lively a la Gossip Girl).


Ashley Kim - "Return of the 90's Fashion"
Ashley Kim - "Return of the 90's Fashion"
Knee-Highs Now (Pintrest)












All in all, you can notice from these returning 90’s fashion trends that history repeats itself, and most style items tend to revolve around and around the decades. As Yves Saint Laurent once said, “fashions fade, style is eternal”, the four style fads from the nineties now blur the line between past and the present, unifying fashion as a whole with its quintessential resurgence. Now, you can just pop by your favorite department store and proudly pick up a few of these items without having to endure any questioning stares from nosy individuals; there’s nothing to be ashamed of!

Would you be willing to try them out?


– Ashley Kim (‘18)

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