Varsity Girl’s Volleyball Back Strong for Another Season

Introducing the dynamic VGV team.

This year’s Varsity Girls’ Volleyball team welcomes back 5 returning members, Sarah Chin (12), Faith Choi (12), Gina Lee (12), Hyun Jung Choi (12), and Yumi Kim (11). With 7 seniors having graduated and left the team, 8 new spots are filled by Lynn Baik (11), Hannah Lee (11), Lisa Han (11), Yu Jeong Lee (11), Amy Jung (10), Hannah McCullough (10), Yerina Kim (10), as well as newcomer Se Eun Park (12).

Having lost a big part of the team, the fairly new VGV team is working towards growing strong bonds and communication on and off the court. And having built up more experience and ‘teamness’ through the past few friendly games with SFS and YISS, the VGV team, led by Coach Kelly (Papa Kelly) and Coach Selbo (Mama Selbo), is back strong and ready for the 2015 season. Speaking of which, our girls beat SIS on Saturday at their first away game by 3 to 1 sets! What a comeback!

(Yun Ji Chung)

As our girls continue their season covered in bruises, dreading climbing up the stairs block after block with sore muscles, and getting through the conditioning and practices as a team, the VGV team aims to win the KAIAC and AISA tournaments and continue on the KAIAC streak of all-round first place. So be there cheering for your fellow phoenix!

We can’t help but jump out of our seats when captains Sarah Chin (12) and Faith Choi (12) get their hits and blocks on point, when liberos Hannah Lee (11) and Lisa Han (11) get down low to dig them volleyballs, when hitters Gina Lee (12) and Se Eun Park (12) kill their cross shots, when setter Yumi Kim (11) sets and dives for every ball, and so on. Every member of the team has proven themselves as serious varsity players! So don’t miss out on the action at the home games on Wed Sept 16,  Sat Sept 19, Wed Oct 14 and Wed Oct 21! Let’s bring some school spirit and encourage our both the girls and boys teams to bring the trophies home!


Hyun Jung Choi (’16)

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