Movie Review: The Beauty Inside

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all?

If you’re looking for a movie to watch this weekend — perhaps for a date with your love interest, or just with your best friends — The Beauty Inside is the movie for you. This Korean movie, featuring twenty-two talented main actors/actresses, depicts a philosophically enticing love story between an aspiring furniture designer and a furniture retailer. At first, this movie may sound like a typical romance movie, with a female and male character falling in love by chance, then getting married — however, it’s not. Instead, this movie has such a unique and revolutionary plot that distinguishes this film from other ordinary romance movies.
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What the viewers will inconspicuously notice about the movie is the eerie tranquility that the film possesses. The colors most used in the movie are a hue of cold tones and light gray, along with other light but slightly sad colors with a hue of blue or gray in them. These colors seem to distill a calm and peaceful but slightly melancholy tone to the film, which make the film’s mood hopefully disconsolate. Most of the characters in the movie and their personalities seem to match this tranquil mood. The two main characters, Yi-soo and Woo-jin, both have extremely peaceful features, particularly the female character’s soothing voice.
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However, this tranquility is contradictory and oxymoronic to the disastrous circumstances the film depicts. The odd “disease” that the main character has of waking up with a different physical appearance every single time after he sleeps, in reality, is something that would have been deemed crazy and out-of-this-world. However, in the movie, the peacefulness seems to veil the catastrophe. It is almost as if someone has been taking too many doses of alcohol that reality is being thrown behind the blurriness of the peace created by the alcohol and one’s unconsciousness.

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The romance is what ties the two contradictory aspects of the film together. The warmth of the love between the two main characters shines brightly on the cold, but crazy aspects of the movie. This is why so many audience members have enjoyed watching this movie; not because of the cheesy loveline between the two main characters, but because of the poignant and lovely emotions portrayed through a clever connection between two significant aspects of the movie.

I would strongly recommend this movie to anyone looking for love, or anyone in love. You may watch this movie not realizing the love cells that are existing inside of you, but after watching the movie, you will be able to find your emotions boiling up with the fierce fervor to find someone to love and perhaps create a artistic love story as this film.

– Ariel Hyunseo Kim (’19)

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