Google is donning a different look as it embarks on a new era.

Google has evolved over the past 17 years in many different ways, from producing a range of products to progressing their overall look and feel. Today, the company is changing things up once again, with an even bigger surprise for the world.

The revamped logo, announced and unveiled on August 10, is the latest social buzz. Google Inc. has restructured and rebranded as “Alphabet” – a branched out holding company that owns a slightly slimmed down version of Google as well as multiple other enterprises like Nest, Calico, and Google X. Ultimately, this meant that they must refine their logo in preparation to join the new parent company.

Officially established in 1998 by two aspiring founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google attempted a new logo design for the first time on May 1995, and since then has ventured in couple more changes. However, they were just minimal modifications, such as reducing the shadow or slightly changing the hues of the letters.


The Evolution of the Google Logo (


Due to the prominent distinction from the past designs, the new edition’s transformation can be seen right away. From the unconditionally different font to the varied color scheme, Google’s new logo has turned itself into a definite eye-catcher.

Not only the creation of a new company, but also Google has produced a whole new font called Product Sans, just for the sake of its new logo. This font is based on the Sans serif typeface, and is a slightly different look compared to the formerly used serif type. Believe it or not, the ultimate reason why the creators decided to change the old font was not just based on aesthetic premises. As well as to achieve a playful, modern feel to the overall appearance, the sans serif font was chosen to be used due to its phenomenal readability on computer or mobile screens. Another purpose for the font change was also to decrease the logo’s space capacity. The former logo consisted of at most 14,000 GB, whereas the new one only has 305 (due to its new compact size proportion)—allowing access to faster internet speed.

Despite being the world’s second largest internet corporation, Google never ceases to seek for improvements in all fields of their management. Even for a logo change, Google is always at the hands of the users, striving to provide the best service possible for the most convenient access of their products.


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A New Era of Google (Google Design)

– Ashley Kim (’18)