5 Apps to an A

Don’t fall back into old habits with these five useful apps.

The best formula to success is produced when two things of different aspects integrate to create an efficient or effective method of doing something. As I have recently found, this goes the same for us, students. Education, which is probably the most important aspect of students’ lives, goes hand-in-hand with the item used most frequently by students: the computer. By combining two important things that students use and consider, education and laptops, success at school is a given.

1. Microsoft OneNote


Microsoft OneNote is one of the best applications I have ever encountered. Not only is it completely free, but also it is an extremely useful organizer and a “smart” notebook. It is available on all electronic devices, including your computer, smartphone, or any other smart device that uses the internet, making it easy for you to access your notes anywhere, anytime. Its useful features that help to organize the notes that you take on the application, or that help with the creation of your to-do lists, are easy to use, and simple to follow. With the assistance of this extraordinary application, your test grades are guaranteed an A.

2. SelfControl


It is a well-known fact that the concentration span of a high school student is not very long. In fact, BBC News claims that “students only have a 10-minute attention span.” The main cause of this lack of focus tends to come largely from distractions, including social media websites or video games. However, with the help of an application called SelfControl, students will be able to use their time more wisely and improve their time management skills. It literally is an effective application that will help you “self-control.” This application will definitely decrease the amount of time you will have for completing your assignments, starting off your projects, and studying in general.

3. TED

Candice Landau
(Candice Landau)

TED is an extremely popular website revolving around speeches and presentations done by well-respected individuals. Speeches hosted by this organization are not only informative and educational, but also intriguing and entertaining. The gargantuan variety of categories for the speeches will certainly intrigue you into learning more and researching deeper into certain topics. The “ideas worth spreading” aspect of this website is something that I completely agree with, given the creativity and information provided by this website.

One speech that is extremely popular and well-known for its informative and poignant content is Sir Ken Robinson’s “Bring on the Learning Revolution!” Although it is a lengthy video of approximately 17 minutes, time goes by so quickly as you will constantly be hooked to the intriguing content of the speech.

4. Khan Academy

National Association for Child Development
(National Association for Child Development)

Khan Academy is another renowned website known for its helpful tutorial videos and practice problems. These highly informative but easy-to-follow video lessons cover a tremendous amount of subjects, from math to science to computer programming. After watching the video tutorials, you can practice and apply those concepts you’ve learned with the practice problems created for you on the website. This website is also recommended by many educators, for being a helpful tool to catch up with your schoolwork.

5. RainyMood


RainyMood is a website personally recommended to me by a close friend. The website provides tranquil sounds of rain that helps to improve your concentration when studying or doing your homework.

According to Hope Yoon (‘19),

“It sets you into a calm mood for studying.”

With the help of this website, you can put your sole focus and efforts into the assignment that you’re working on. Instead of listening to pop music with lots of lyrics and a rowdy melody that can grab your attention away from your work, use this website to listen to the calming and peaceful sound of rain.

Using these five useful applications and websites recommended by your fellow peers, your sorry GPA will soon turn into one magnificent 4.0! Start using them in the beginning of the year so that when your schedule gets busier and busier throughout the year, you can use them more efficiently and more effectively.

– Ariel Kim (’19)

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