Potato Parcel: A Starchy Profit

Move over emails and text messages, potato parcels are the next big thing.

Potatoes are perfect for a starchy recharge: french fries, mashed potatoes, and even potato chips. However, to this one businessman, a potato was not an ordinary potato.

Craig’s Potato (Mashable.com)

Alex Craig, a Texan entrepreneur, ventures with, what his doubtful girlfriend claims as, “the stupidest idea” and makes over $10,000 a month—a cash cow, most certainly.

While having dinner with his girlfriend, Craig was unexpectedly struck with a simple, yet ridiculous idea of using potatoes – not to be mashed – but to be used as postcards, to send personalized messages on them. His idea was very obviously conceived as foolish, as not only writing on a potato is bizarre, but who uses postcards these days in the first place?

Despite the incessant doubts and criticisms, the crowd’s response was otherwise surprising. On the second day of the launching of his idea, the demand for his potatoes already reached three thousands, and very soon, the potatoes went viral. Twitter and Instagram were spilling with reactions to #potatoparcel, with people amazed by this cute idea of getting a spud mail. Perhaps it was the unconventionality of the idea that caught the crowd’s attention.

It Can’t. (Twitter)
Punny Potato (Instagram)

The process is also pretty simple. The user would enter the Potato Parcel website, then choose either to send a large or a medium-sized potato, with each having different prices and word limits. Then, he/she will order by providing the address of the recipient, the user’s email, and most importantly the message. After the order, Craig will hand write messages on the potato, then finally, send it anonymously through the mail to the recipient, whether that be his/her friend or enemy.

Sweet Potato (Potatoparcel.com)
Me Too. (Potatoparcel.com)

As an advice from Craig to not only his fellow entrepreneurs, but also to all of us, “The two things that hold everybody back in life is fear and doubt. The fear of failure and the fear of wasting your time, and the doubt that you can achieve something big on a huge scale.” Many people today choose to go with the flow and stay on the safe route, mistaking fear as risk and danger. Opposed to that, Craig showed how such a strange and out-of-the-ordinary idea is not simply dumb, but quite revolutionary.

It is what differentiates Potato Parcel from other enterprises that allows it to deserve all the attention and excitement. Now is the time for your spud-tacular ideas!


– Yoo Bin Shin (’18)

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