Team “Hope & Punishment”

Is it volleyball season or captain Harry’s hunting season? Click to find out more about this year’s Varsity Boys Volleyball team!

Any Facebook addict would know the love this year’s varsity boys volleyball team has for each other. From visits to Coach Callahan’s house, to intimate team photos taken by managers Jiyoung Choi (‘16) and Cindy Kim (‘16), this team has shown (maybe a little too much) love for this year’s team on and off the social media platforms.

(Harry Song, '16)
Smiles all around. (Harry Song, ’16)

In light of such an indiscreet affection for one another, Blueprint decided to take a deeper look at this year’s varsity boys volleyball team:

1. How is VBV 2015 different from other seasons?

Harry Song (‘16): This year’s volleyball team is vastly different from the years past since we lost a lot of players who both excelled in and enjoyed volleyball, like David Chin (‘14), Jaemin Shin (‘14), Philip An (‘15), Jeff Kim (‘15), and more. This year, we truly believe in “Hard work beats talent” (kudos for the aphorism, Mr. Evans!). So, we will work harder than we ever did to achieve our dream: undefeated season.

Kevin Han (‘15): The “hogu-ness” is at its peak.

Jason Kwon (‘15): Volleyball itself is a hard sport because we have to come back after a long summer of relaxation and get adjusted right away to an intense season ahead of us. But by the look of our undefeated season so far, I’m sure that we are fully capable of keeping this up and finishing with no “L” in our records.

2. How is the season so far?

Kevin Han (‘15): We are undefeated for the season with 4:0!
Harry Song (‘16): Although we lost to YISS and SFS in the pre-season tournament, our team is improving day by day. We’ll take them down in AISA!

3. Any fun facts?

Kevin Han (‘15): Watch out ladies… Harry Song (‘16) is hunting for freshmen girls for prom…

Harry Song (‘16): We’re the team “Hope & Torture” (희망고문)!

Jason Kwon (‘16): What does “Hope & Torture” mean? We give “hope” to the other team when we make mistakes, but we take it right back and “torture” them with our success. It’s hard to explain, and I’m not even sure who first came up with this name… Also, another fun fact: Harry Song (‘16) is a scary man!

4. Any tips for current and future volleyball players?

Harry Song (‘16): PLEASE talk! PLEASE communicate! PLEASE respect each other!

Jason Kwon (‘16): Have fun when playing, but know when to focus and be serious. If we don’t enjoy the game, there is no point of playing for the team or playing this sport. However, we shouldn’t be having fun simply by fooling around, but by playing as a team to achieve our goals together.

– Lina Oh (’16)

Featured Image: Yunji Chung (’16)

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