IKON’s Debut Kills the Chart

IKON has finally come alive for real with their new debut song, “My Type.”

Immediately, IKON’s debut warm-up single “My Type” surpassed three million views on Youtube since its release last Tuesday. Considering that this is only a “warm up” single, it is a wonder how much potential they possess as rising K-Pop stars.

A medium tempo hip-hop track overlaid with gentle, smooth vocals, “My Type” evokes just the cute, lovable image of a group of boys blinded by first love. And on top of the upbeat hip-hop vibe with its simple but sweet lyrics, the scenes in the music video from eating hamburgers to dancing subtle comical dances, iKON displays their light and silly sides, effortlessly winning over the hearts of their hungry fans.

IKON wins over their fans in the music video (Chosun news)

As YG’s new seven-member boy band after BigBang and Winner, IKON has already been well known to the public even before their debut. Through competitive survival programs like Win and Mix & Match, each member got to show off their own remarkable musical talent such as composing, singing, rapping, and powerful dancing. Moreover, rapper Bobby’s first place victory in Mnet’s hip-hop program last year had also stirred much interest and attention from the public.

Survival programs “Win” in 2013 and “Mix & Match” in 2014 (Soompi)


Bobby in Show Me the Money (Soompi)

Now after one year of restless waiting since Mix & Match, IKON’s formal debut has generated much sensation to be broadcasted even in the KBS news. IKON’s already enormous fandom is stretching across Asia. “My Type” swept all seven of the local music charts—Melon, Olleh, Bugs, Genie, NAVER Music, Monkey 3, and Soribada, as well as the overseas iTunes chart in Hong Kong, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

iKON featured in the KBS News
Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.58.05 AM
IKON sweeps the Melon Chart

The founder of YG entertainment, Yang Hyun suk, also expressed in the Ilgan Sports:  “I was very happy when iKON raised up to number one on the charts. I’m so thankful to all the fans who’ve been showing their support,” also referring  ‘My Type’ as “an appetiser with a sweet and sour taste that stimulates the hunger.”

IKON’s fist debut concert “Showtime” on October 3rd will be held at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastic Hall. The tickets were completely sold out in minutes on the day of the opening sale. IKON will release “Debut Half Album Welcome Back” on October 1st, followed by “Debut Full Album Welcome Back” on November 2nd. With melodies written by B.I, Choice37 and Kush, lyrics written by B.I, Bobby, and Kush, all the songs in the album are self-composed. In addition, at least four more music videos and eighteen new songs are to be expected in the next three months.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.34.32 AM
IKON (ygfamily.com)

With an astonishing outcome compared to most rookie idol groups, IKON, like its name, seems to shine with ambition to be the next icon of K-pop.


– Sammie Kim (’18)

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