Introducing A Block

Everything you need to know about the new A block, new to the 2015-16 school year.

It’s the beginning of the school year and you’re already worried about the amount of workload you have. With multiple APs, music, and language courses – and not to mention the additional burden of college applications and standardized tests – it’s difficult to keep track of your tight schedule. But still, you find everything easier to cope with than expected. Why? It’s all thanks to the extra breathing room the autonomous block presents.

Emily Kim: Autonomous Block
Matthew Kim and Kyle Shin (’16) enjoying A block

The newly implemented autonomous block, also known as the “A Block,” is a free period that provides both space and time for students to cater to their needs. Seniors have their autonomous block during A and E block, juniors during D and H block, sophomores during C and G block, and freshmen during B and F block.

The length the block is equivalent to that of a regular class: 1 hour and 20 minutes. So every other day, with the exception of Fridays, students essentially have only three classes. This special chunk of time can be spent in whatever way fits the student. They can study for a test or quiz, complete unfinished or get a head start on homework, work on group projects,  hold conferences with available teachers, or even (secretly) catch up on sleep.

Emily Kim: Autonomous Block

Various locations are available for the block. The conference hall is a favorite for many with its comfortable sofas, and the newly constructed learning lounge is another relaxing environment where students can stretch out on bean bags. A quiet alternative is the library, where those who want undisturbed, quiet time can go to focus.

Emily Kim: Autonomous Block
JS Huh (’16) studying hard during A block

The autonomous block is very much in its beginning stages. So far, responses are enthusiastic. With the block’s flexibility, students can explore and search for areas of person enrichment and development. Considering the often busy, hectic schedule we all have, perhaps it’s not a bad idea to have some time of self-reflection and exploration.


– Emily Kim (’16)

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