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You should definitely be checking out all of the colleges visiting KIS!

Why not Stanford?
Why not Stanford? (Tumblr)

Have you been signing up lately for all the college visits? Are you aware of the fact that various colleges from all over the world are visiting our school? If you have already signed up for some college visits through Naviance, you’re on the right track. If you have absolutely no idea what the last sentence meant, you have some reading (this article!) and signing up to do.

You might be thinking: “Hey, aren’t we supposed to visit the colleges, and not them visiting us?” Well, of course colleges gladly welcome students visiting their campus and observing what the actual school they’re potentially applying to looks like. However, according to Collegeboard, “representatives from college admission offices visits high schools around the countr[ies] to present informational programs to prospective students”. Meaning, colleges are willing to come to you too! When colleges visit high school campuses, the students, together with the admissions office representative, discuss topics such as academics, campus life, tuition, financial aid, admission procedures, and more. It is basically a chance for future undergraduate students to get a deeper insight into multiple schools. Representatives also visit high school campuses so that students can ask any questions they may have, clarify any confusions, and further persuade why they should apply to the respective college.

Now you may be thinking, I can just google all of the information I’m going to receive. Wrong. Here are some reasons why you should definitely be signing up for these college visits. They’re definitely opportunities you should be taking advantage of (especially for you juniors and seniors).

1. Face-to-face > Email

Of course, you can ask all the questions you want to by simply typing them up and sending emails off to the admissions office, or even searching them up online. However, it’s really important to realize the importance of meeting college representatives face-to-face, and asking them questions then. You’ll likely get more detailed answers, and you would be able to ask more distinct-to-you questions. For example, you could be asking specifically about the chances of getting accepted with your current test scores and GPA, which they can then use to help assess and figure out your possibilities.This also comes with the bonus of giving colleges a heads-up that you’re actually seriously interested, which would most likely help, rather than hurt your chances of getting in.

2. New Discoveries

Sure, you may not be serious about all the colleges visiting KIS. Though let me just say that it’s better to give it a shot than to not. You never know; you may have absolutely no interest in a college until you actually attend the meeting. You’re really not bound to lose anything because they’re visiting you instead of the other way around, and it’s an opportunity for you to discover other possibilities you never would have thought of or stopped to consider. After all, you’re receiving more information than what is merely on the college’s homepage.

3. Better early than late, better late than never

It’s true; some schools don’t encourage students who are not seniors to attend college visits. However, Bill Yarwood, a guidance professional in New Jersey, states “we encourage sophomores and juniors to participate for long-range planning.” High school students usually start thinking about college at the end of their junior year, or even at the start of their senior year. What students tend to not realize is that planning out things beforehand helps so much later on. Juniors, rather than pushing off everything until the very last minute, at least start thinking about potential options by attending the college visits KIS provides you with. And even if you’re already a senior, there is still time left to explore additional possibilities!

4. It’s not just advertising

Colleges also visit high school campuses for advertising purposes. But that’s not always the case. Their visits are beyond simple advertisement. Their visits help prospective applicants in various ways, and colleges also enjoy visiting high schools to see what they should expect for the applicant pool. The construction of such a basis is important for both the colleges and future applicants. So it’s not all about advertising and persuading students to apply. There is more to it and it’s important you play your part in the process.

If you’re a KIS student, you can simply log in to your Naviance page, and straight away, you will see a blue square on the home page with various college visit schedules which you can sign up for. Naviance tells you the college name, date, and time of the meeting so that you can plan accordingly. High school counselors, including our KIS counselors, highly recommend attending meetings in order to broaden spectrums of where you could be applying. September through October is a rush week for colleges, with numerous representatives visiting our school each week.

Interested in a school in New York? New York University’s college meeting at KIS is scheduled for October 20th during High School club block. Or is California your forte? Both UCLA (September 23rd) and California College of the Arts (October 28th) are visiting KIS. Sign up for college visits through Naviance and watch how your perspective towards college change!

– Leona Maruyama (’17)

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