What You Should Be Doing On Weekends

No more “Netflix and chill”. Here’s what you should really be doing over the weekend.

Stop and drop whatever you’re doing. Are you reading this article on a weekend? Good, jump straight ahead. Perhaps you’re reading this on a weekday, per say, Tuesday (the worst, in my opinion, since you’re not quite at the end of the week, and barely rested after the dreadful Monday). Hopefully, you will survive until Friday, when you’re rewarded with two, seemingly short and yet glorious days of Saturday and Sunday, when you can forget about waking up early and frantically catching the school bus. Hey, but don’t just waste those two precious days sleeping in and doing absolutely nothing. Blueprint is here to bring you some amazing ways you could be spending your weekend.


  1. Have brunch with friends

Obviously, nobody on Earth (especially students) is willing to wake up at eight in the morning to catch an early breakfast. In that sense, brunch is great; you get to sleep in and still have some of those drool-provoking waffles and pancakes, with the side of bacon and scrambled eggs. Brunch is definitely a privilege just to be enjoyed on the weekends because on the weekdays, the appropriate timeframe of eating brunch is all devoted to studying, studying, and studying. Treat yourself with the perfect combination of breakfast and lunch. Oh and of course, share the savory meal with your friends. You may be bored of seeing your friends again after five constant days with them at school. But meeting up with them on a weekend while having brunch isn’t something you want to pass on!



  1. Don’t forget alone time

Weekends are the go-to time to reward yourself with some alone time. Nobody really likes being lonely. But excluding yourself from the chaos and drama happening at school and being alone even just for a while really helps you fully relax. So put down that smartphone, and turn off notifications. Make some popcorn, get comfy, and watch a movie or two (that you’ve been dying to watch but just never had the time for). The weekends are the best time to get away from the noisiness and to give yourself some healing time. This way, you’ll be both rested and loosened up, ready for another school week.



  1. Get some work done on Saturday, not Sunday

We’ve all been there: cramming every homework to the last minute. Or worse, putting off studying for a major test until the very last day possible. Usually, students find themselves procrastinating on Saturdays and basically dying on Sundays. At this point in life, you should really begin learning how to space out the workload you’re given to finish over the weekends. Especially because Fridays are always A through H blocks in KIS, we are bound to receive lots of homework from all the classes. Having said that, make sure to finish the small things on Saturday like the formative assignments, so that you have lots of time to work on studying for tests and projects. Don’t procrastinate! (or at least try not to).



  1. Exercise!

I know. You may be thinking “Ew.”  But exercise has a lot to do with your mental state; it’s important to keep yourself happy on the weekends. According to WebMD, “improved self-esteem is a key psychological benefit of physical activity” because “when you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins”, which “trigger a positive feeling in the body”. The production of endorphins leads to an energized body as well as an increase in positivity. Weekends are great to just chill at home or outside with your friends, but you should also consider pulling out that inner athlete in you and hitting the gym. Simply taking a walk as short as thirty minutes will also reduce stress and boost self-esteem. We tend to stay inside the entire weekend if we don’t have any plans, but getting some exercise is not a bad idea! After all, you’re only benefiting from it.



  1. Family time is KEY

Definitely devote some time during your weekend to spend with your family, whether it be siblings, parents, or grandparents. It’s quite difficult to interact with your family during the weekdays without getting distracted by school work or extracurricular activities. So why not take the time on weekends to spend with the best people on Earth? Watch a movie, eat dinner, or even just having a long conversation over tea. Catching up with your family should be a priority when it comes to how you spend your weekends because most likely, they’re people who are always there for you. So spread the love and enjoy the time being!



Saturdays and Sundays are to be cherished! Don’t be the one who whines “where did my weekend go” at 11 p.m. on a Sunday night. Get your school work done efficiently and really relish the time off school. School, drama, and checking your phone or Macbook should be the last of your concerns during the weekends. Take advantage of it and own the weekend!


– Leona Maruyama (’17)

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