Fall Fashion Tips

Fall in to fall with these fashion tips.

Whip out your scarves and knee-high boots, it’s fall fashion season! The dos and don’ts of autumnal clothing.

1. Scarves


There’s no better way to dress up any outfit and keep warm than a nice woolen scarf.



Whether your favorite pair of casual army boots to the classic knee-high boots, fall fashion is defined by the comfortable footwear. Easily layered with slightly longer, wooly socks, one can never go wrong sporting a pair of boots

3. Gold Eyes and Berry Lips


To match the falling leaves, makeup colors become darker, with an emphasis on berry (or dark red) lipstick.

4. Overabundance of Burgundy, Mustard Yellow and Brown


Mimicking the colors of the turning leaves, a staple of fall fashion is its color palet. As the more vibrant summer colors get packed away in the closet, the darker shades make its comeback.

5. Wooly Sweaters


A simple outfit for the colder days, layer an oversized sweater (extra points for autumnal colors) over a pair of jeans or leggings.

6. Hats


Whether beanies, berets or bowler hats, you can never go wrong with tucking your bedhead into a comfortable hat.

7. Return of the Tights/Long Socks


Continue to wear your summer dresses! Keep the cute shorts/skirts look and keep warm by wearing a pair of patterned black tights. Or wear a pair of long wooly socks to keep your toes warm and add a cute extra layer to your boots.

– Juyon Lee (’18)

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