The Anatomy of the Sports Luxe Trend

For decades, couture fashion has seen the most ornate and intricate styles. On runways and streets (especially during Fashion Week) alike, high-fashion icons and moguls strut around in high-heels and flowing skirts. Now, designers have taken classic sports-wear to the spotlight, with upgraded footwear and clothing.

The iconic Adidas Stan Smiths are worn by off-duty models and every day people alike, and its rising popularity has made this shoe almost a fashion-staple. (Laia Magazine)

We all recognize the classic Adidas Stan Smiths, a shoe originally launched in 1963 by the brand Adidas, which has most recently hit its peak in popularity. It’s been worn by bloggers, models, and celebrities all over the world, even in the world’s famed fashion hub Paris. However, items like these weren’t always so sought after. The Stan Smiths had been taken down from Adidas’s market in 2012 due to its unsuccessful performance in the markets. So what did start this sudden desire for comfortable yet stylish wear?


With the current rage over living new and healthy lifestyles, many have taken on different aspects of their lives to adopt habits help people balance between a work and social life. What better way to do that than exercise? Everyday there are advertisements for new workout regiments like cross-fit and yoga, new diets consisting completely of greens, and of course, sportswear for people to wear during their work-outs.


Just a few years ago it would be considered condemnable in the fashion industry to be seen wearing a hoodie and sneakers in public. While of course designers have taken such staples up a notch, it is now considered highly stylish and sensible to be walking around in a pair of Nike Roshes. The idea of sports luxe clothing is that we are all so busy, so occupied that there is little time to change from work to athletic clothing- so why not purchase attire that can function as both?


Granted, no average man or woman would wear $400 leggings on a run– just imagine the sweat that would ruin the clothing! But such apparel does help convey the idea that we all live in such productive, engaged, and robust lives- an image that is undeniably alluring.


The trend has also meant an increased number of designs inspired by varsity sportswear- on skirts, button downs, and especially on school jackets, are the classic double-lines and contrasting colours that signify of athleticism. Even in KIS, many sport their navy and white varsity jackets with pride, not only for their symbols of accomplishment but also for their simultaneous versatility and comfort.


There are multiple ways to easily incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. Here are some of Blueprint’s favorite tips:


  • Sport Fanciful Sneakers

One of the easiest ways to take on the sports luxe trend is to wear a pair of sneakers. They don’t have to be your classic wear-and-tear canvas shoes- brands like Chanel and Ash have turned this casual piece into some of the most intricate parts of an outfit, by using rich materials like tweed and leather, and adding special details like studs and glitter. Pair these sneakers with a simple tee and jeans, and you’ll be done with your look.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 3.24.00 PM

  • Refurbish Your Casual Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are arguably the comfiest tops one could wear on a casual day in- but that doesn’t mean you have to wear your old, torn, and faded grey shirt from a few years ago. High and low end brands from Kenzo to Forever 21 have released the classic terry-cloth sweatshirts with a few major modifications, like bright neon colours and quirky emblems. Some brands like Alexander Wang have even taken them a step further, by using materials like mesh and sequins to further glamorize their sweatshirts. Now, sweatshirts aren’t just for days in, but can also be worn on formal occasions out.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 3.26.34 PM

  • Refuse to Sacrifice Comfort with Joggers

Who ever said baggy pants were meant to be pajamas? One truly can go creative with this style. From all out sequins to bohemian prints to tough leather, several designers have reproduced this baggy pant using different materials, allowing for people to strut in comfort while keeping their edge.

London Fashion Week SS16, Day 1

  • Look for Graphic Cuts and Stretchy Materials

Halter necks and high-neck-but-short-sleeve tops instantly give an outfit a sports-chic touch. But to further enhance the look, search for color-blocking or materials like neoprene, mesh, or jersey- anything normally related to activewear and athletics. When done right, such details will not only give off a cool laid-back vibe, but will also instantly give the impression of sleek class.

  • Sports Luxe Doesn’t Mean to Abandon, But to Upgrade!

Embracing the sports luxe trend doesn’t mean to ditch all of your fanciest clothing and wear ragged sweatpants 24/7. Sports luxe means to compromise comfort with style, adorning your more lax pieces with little details that make them high-fashion. Pair your joggers with heels, or Nikes with a dress, because mixing the different styles really is what gives an outfit dimension and interest, and after all, we all like to be a bit fancy and comfy at the same time.  

– Seiyeon Park (’17)

Featured Image: Opsh

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