Why Fall is the Bomb.com

Fall into fall…with Blueprint.

Leaves have turned brown, red, and yellow. ‘Tis the season for warm, cozy, Starbucks drinks. That’s right, it’s fall. And let’s be real here: fall is the best season out of the four. If it’s not obvious to you, here are some reasons why fall is the bomb.com, and why you should appreciate the season!

1. Please. No more bugs, sweat, and air conditioning.

I mean, sure, summer is cool. We’re finally released from a long, long year of school, and off to paradise (if you’re stuck studying for SATs, sorry). We get to enjoy ice cream sundaes, the beach, and the sun — what more could we ask for? Not much, but obviously, God decided it just wasn’t enough because every summer, we’re stuck with hundreds of mosquito bites, sweat stains, and extremely harsh air conditioning. I’m done with it already. Aren’t you? So thanks summer, but step aside.


2. Sweater weather…duh.

Everything’s better when you’re wearing a sweater (it even kind of rhymes). You can snuggle in the sleeves of your sweater, be super comfortable, and yet, still manage to look cute. T-shirts and tank tops are great and all, but who doesn’t like being cuddled up and comfy in a blanket you literally get to wear? Fall is the best time of the year to rock your sweaters, so take advantage of the weather and the temperature!


3. Goodbye, smoothies, hello, warm drinks.

Pumpkin spice latte. Need I say more? No, but seriously. I’m honestly quite tired of the cups of jamba juice; give me some of that hot cocoa, topped with marshmallows. There’s hundreds of recipes for hot beverages we definitely need to try, so we better get started now. Plus, we can drink them from pretty mugs!


4. Pumpkin everything!

Personally, I love pumpkin. And to have a season basically dedicated to a bunch of pumpkin recipes, is just…I can’t. You can combine pumpkin with anything: pie, bread, soup, you name it. The squash itself is filled with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, but still manages to be low on calories. Best thing ever? I think yes.



5. Fall colors

Fall is when wearing all kinds of colors suddenly becomes acceptable, and even fashionable. Darker colors are in, as it low key matches with the weather. Just to name a few: burgundy, crimson, mustard, and olive green. They’re something new after all the neon, bright, mess. No need to be a fashionista; just combine any of the fall colors with black and you’ve got yourself a great outfit.

So yeah, that pretty much sums up fall and why it’s the “most bomb.com” season ever. It’s getting colder day by day in Korea, and it seems as though we don’t have much time with fall before another long, freezing winter takes over. Enjoy the last bit of fall we get, and make the best of it!


– Leona Maruyama (’17)

Featured Image: Lovethispic.com

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