Take It Easy #1: Scare Dare

Arms hanging lifelessly, eyelids, heavy, mouth, parched, unwilling to open, you clumsily drag your legs up the stairs. You arrive at the door of your first block classroom – math in the morning, unfortunately, and your reluctant fingers reach for the door knob. As the door slowly opens, you get a better view of the classroom—classmates still half asleep. You step in, take a breath, and let out a sigh to start another day of an unceasing routine.

To spice up the spiritless, rigid procedure of school everyday, the National Honor Society is introducing the Take It Easy campaign. Take It Easy is a project devoted to raise school spirit and brighten the school atmosphere for those worn out from working breathlessly and tirelessly. Each month an event will be presented by the campaign. Most recently, for October, it was the Scare Dare.

October, during the month of pumpkins, ghosts, and terror, you could participate in its relatable Scare Dare, by filming a quick video ranging from ten to twenty seconds of yourself pranking another person. It would then have to be uploaded onto Facebook, with the hashtags, #kisscaredare and #takeiteasy. Then at the end of October, a winner with the most creative Scare Dare would be chosen and given a mystery prize.

Here are some of the Scare Dares uploaded by others!

1. The Real Scare Dare



Creativity points!


2. Classic But Effective


A true Scare Dare.


3. #scaredare or #hunting?


Not that intimidating but pretty lovable.


Here is the promotional video for Scare Dare from Take It Easy:


With this campaign giving us all a slight tweak, a short but amusing moment to take a step back from work and relax, in our scheduled life, we should all consider getting involved, it’s no big thing, just #takeiteasy.

For more information, check out the official Take It Easy page!



– Yoo Bin Shin (’18)

(Featured Image: Brainless Tales)

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