Throwback to the Boardgames

Indulge in reminiscence of your childhood’s classic boardgames.

That time of the year has come, with the leaves changing and falling, temperatures slowly plummeting – but more evidently, more of us are starting to stay at home more often to avoid the chilly weather. In this current day with technology as our very best friend, it would either be our phone or computer placed in our hands when staying home. Yet it is sometimes better to go back to the basics. For those longingly reminiscing the past of hand-held cards and tangible dice, here are some classic board games you undoubtedly miss from your childhood.

Into the Past (

Here we go!

1. Clue


The suspense. The thrill. Every second of Clue was kept quiet and kept secret. It was your very duty to piece together the who, what, where of a murder mystery. The suspects are Mrs. Peacock and Colonel Mustard, now it is for you to decipher the enigma.

2. Sorry!

Classic (

Presumably, everybody plays Sorry! differently. You have to get all four of your own pawns from the start to home by drawing cards. It is as simple as that, but why was this game always so puzzling? 

3. Candyland

Yummy! (

Ah, the memories. Despite the game being no different from other racing board game, Candyland was somehow always our favorite. It was probably the visual satisfaction—the joy of gaping at the word, “candy” because not allowed digesting it.

4. Battleship

Tense Mind Battle (

Another classic game, Battleship was a simple guessing game originated from WWII. Although mostly based on luck, this was one of the games that winners felt most pride and losers were most upset.

5. Taboo

Frustration (

In this game, you had to explain a set of words but with a frustrating “taboo”, a restriction of using the most relevant and obvious words. At the same time, most likely unaware of your struggle and tension, the sand in the hour glass rapidly vanished.

6. Mastermind

Make it or Break it. (

Yes, just like the name reads, Mastermind. This was a game where you became Alan Turing. You were to solve a visually simple four peg pattern but with 1296 different possible patterns in just twelve tries.

7. Operation

Buzz! (

You were either appalled by your first encounter of a patient or thrilled, first dreaming to become a doctor. Although rules were as simple as just to remove an ailment from the patient’s body using a tweezer, it was at the same time risky with extremely small openings and a fearful sounding buzzer.

8. Guess Who?

Deductive Reasoning (

Playing Guess Who?, you had to find the best question to flip as many characters that do not correspond with the answer. I remember my first question was always, “Is your character a boy or a girl?”

9. Tumblin’ Monkeys

Caution is key. (

This game required caution, sound judgement, and alert strength in hands. The pressure was on you to pick and carefully pull out a stick dropping the minimum number of monkeys. But it was certainly impossible to drop none because even monkeys also fall from trees.

10. Mouse Trap

Looked Fun But… (

Although the name seized my attention, Mouse Trap was quite frankly not that exciting to me. It was too much for a five year old to put together simple machines to create a Rube Goldberg mousetrap. Or was it just me and my stupidity?


Instead of spending your time—every second to be cherished—with those electromagnetic waves that do you no good, why not dig into the darkest and dustiest part of your closet to find one of these classic board games that had been untouched for years and get that communication going?

– Yoo Bin Shin (’18)

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