The Arrival of New APs

Introducing the two new AP courses for the 2016-2017 school year.

KIS offers a great list of AP courses which provide students with opportunities to challenge and prepare themselves. Currently, AP courses are available for World Languages, English, Social Studies, and Science. Adding to the existing choices, starting from the 2016-2017 school year, KIS will be offering two new AP courses: the expected, AP Environmental Science and the brand new, AP Computer Science Principles.

AP Environmental Science

Starting from this upcoming school year, KIS will be offering an AP course for Environmental Science. With the addition, the school will be offering a total of four AP science courses: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Science. Beginning from last year, an introductory Environmental Science course was offered for juniors and seniors to engage in an interdisciplinary field stressing human impact on the environment, and political and scientific views on such impact. Although sharing similar focuses on the analysis of environmental issues, AP Environmental Science differs from the introductory course in that it is far more rigorous, and that it incorporates more laboratory and textbook based work. According to College Board, AP Environmental Science will incorporate scientific principles and concepts to understand the interrelationships of our living world, to analyze environmental issues, to evaluate followed risks, and to examine alternative solutions for resolving them.

According to KIS, AP Environmental Science will be a good fit for you if:

  • You are a rising junior or senior who enjoyed the ecology portion of biology and the chemical processes and thermodynamics of chemistry.
  • You are aware of and are genuinely concerned about global environmental issues.
  • You have strong academic performance and a sincere passion for science and the environment.
  • You enjoy problem solving and thinking critically to explore solutions to issues.
  • You are independent, self-motivated, and like being part of a greater cause.
  • You are not enrolled in too many other challenging AP courses.
  • You enjoy going outside, and you don’t mind bugs and other crawling things.
  • You like to get your hands dirty once in awhile. 

Meet the instructor: Mr. Taylor


Who is planning to take AP Environmental Science? 

“My current chemistry teacher, Mr.Taylor, is the AP Environmental Science teacher next year, and he suggested me to take the course. He showed me the experiments that the regular environmental science classes are doing and I thought they were very interesting! Another reason I chose to take this course is because I am interested in becoming a biology major in the future and thus I thought it was an important course for me to take in my high school career.”— Diana Koo (’18)

AP Computer Science Principles

KIS has been offering several Computer/Technology courses such as Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Introduction to Programming, and Exploring Computer Science. However, AP Computer Science Principles, an official advanced level course, has been added to next year course offerings. AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP) is in fact a new course launching globally. The course does not require prior experience of programming, as it will introduce students to central concepts of computer science, yet at the same time, challenge students to explore how technology and computing drive the world. Emphasizing the 21st century skills, AP CSP will prepare students for college and career. The course is unique from other AP courses in that it focuses on encouraging students creativity. Instead of learning a specific programming tool, the course emphasizes utilizing technology to solve computational problems and bring their own ideas to life.

Check out College Board’s video introducing AP Computer Science Principles:

Determine if AP Computer Science Principles is a good fit for you: 

  • You are a rising junior or senior.
  • You recognize that a basic understanding of computer systems, processes, and programming is necessary for innovation in any field of study.
  • You have strong written and oral communication skills.
  • You are willing to take risks and see failure as growth opportunities.
  • You are not afraid to take on messy challenges that do have a predetermined “right” answer.
  • You enjoy challenging yourself to think creatively.
  • You are able to work effectively as a part of a team or independently.
  • You are highly motivated and willing to seek help and ask questions.

Meet the instructor: Mr. McCullough 


Who is planning to take AP Computer Science Principles?

“My advisory teacher, Mr. McCullough, told me to try AP Comp. Sci. during advisory, as he is teaching it next year. He gave me the impression that the course would be worthwhile to take. Also, the video he showed us during the course seminar helped me realize that AP Comp. Sci. is a course that can be applied to many diverse fields of study.”— Yeon Tae Chung (’18)

With the addition of AP Environmental Science and AP Computer Science Principles, students will be provided with more opportunities to experience and engage in a variety of fields earlier. And, you should also consider challenging yourself in these two new courses.

What will come next?

– Yoo Bin Shin (’18)

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