Meet This Year’s Class Representatives!

On August 16th, 2016, KIS held its official high school class representative elections, with outstanding candidates competing for the prestigious roles of being the voices of their peers in Student Council. Weeks of rigorous preparation finally paid off on election day, when the entire KIS school community listened to their peers and leaders speak about how they were going to change the school for the better.

Now, we finally have our 12 class representatives who will represent the entire student body – freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors alike – in Student Council. Both veterans and newcomers, these 12 class representatives absolutely cannot wait to start working with each other and their hundreds of peers to improve KISian life even further; just listen to what the seniors have to say!

I feel blessed and excited. I want to make the senior year FUN and MEMORABLE for all of my classmates. It’s always a privilege to be elected to represent my class.

– Kevin Han (‘17)

So, as a senior rep this year, I feel responsible for how the year turns out. I’m both excited and anxious because even though people may not be expecting much, I feel pressured to make this senior year bomb. I really hope to be part of the creation of one of the best senior years in history of KIS.

– Amy Choi (‘17)

Being a class representative for the senior class is something I will never forget. When I applied for this position, I knew that I would regret later if I don’t take this opportunity here, at KIS, in this year 2016-2017. I felt that I was given this chance to give back what I have received from this community since last year when I was a new student – and I will take this chance to do all I can do for the population I represent. My goal, my responsibility is to make sure all seniors graduate saying, “That year was fun.”

– Minyoung Cho (‘17)

Senior class representatives (left to right): Kevin Han (‘17), Amy Choi (‘17), and Minyoung Cho (‘17) – PC: JD Choi (’18)

Our seniors have been here the longest, and so they know exactly what can be done best to improve life at KIS for both their graduating class and the future seniors, juniors, and sophomores! With their years of experience and knowledge about how students feel in each grade, these three senior class representatives can’t go wrong with all of the support behind them. However, just as enthusiastic as the seniors, the juniors are also completely immersed in their roles as the representatives of their classmates; here’s what they have to say about how they feel being upperclassmen representatives:

As a class representative, you hold the power to completely change someone’s high school experience. And as much as that was rewarding last year, I feel inclined to put in as much as I can this year to alleviate the stress of being a junior. For one, as already witnessed in the pep rally, I could see our spirit levels rise, leading to us winning the main game. With this class, I see so much potential in terms of spirit, and one of my main goals for the year is for the junior class to set an example as to what spirit is at KIS through involvement in student council run in-school and out of school events.

– Amy Kim (‘18)

I am really excited about being one of the junior class representatives!! I really, really, REALLY want to make the class of 2018 have a somewhat chill junior year (we are going to need it) and also just spice up our school spirit. 🙂 I do hope that the decisions and events that STUCO makes will gain positive feedback, and I want to be a part of that when it happens!! After all, why stay back and wait when you can go and make it happen?

– Yerina Kim (‘18)

Hi everyone! I’m glad that a trickster like me can represent the junior class. What I want to accomplish this year is to make the world laugh. I hope that through this immense chain of laughter we can all unite as one. “Teez.”

– Jeremy Ryu (‘18)

Junior class representatives (left to right): Amy Kim (‘18), Yerina Kim (‘18), and Jeremy Ryu (‘18) – PC: JD Choi (’18)

Self-proclaimed the class with the most spirit, the juniors aren’t afraid at all to make their voices heard in Student Council and in the high school community in general. Seeing this much spirit come from just these three junior class representatives reassures us all, and we put our complete faith into the undoubtedly tireless efforts that Amy Kim, Yerina Kim, and Jeremy Ryu will bring to making KIS a better place for both their junior class and the rest of the student body.

Up next are the sophomores, and they bring an unbelievable amount of diversity and ideas to the table!

“I still can’t really believe I’m a class representative, as Student Council wasn’t something that I’ve participated in actively in the past. I was almost always the one attending events, not the one organizing them. But at the same time, I don’t want to just be a part of StuCo for the sake of it, but I want to make sure that I become a valuable contributor to the spirit and well being of not only my grade, but the entire school! I hope that we’ll be able to increase spirit around the school and encourage participation in pep rallies, events, and spirit days! I also want to help facilitate the communication between the student body and the Student Council so that we don’t only think of what we think is best, but also receive feedback and suggestions on what everybody wants to see. I hope that I won’t let my grade down, and that we’ll all collectively become a more united school!

– Jenny Chung (‘19)

This is my fifth year as a member of the student council. It’s a great honor and responsibility to represent such a diverse group of students, but there’s not much pressure because the sophomore class is very supportive. As always, this year’s student council is going to be run smoothly by the group we have—it’s such a fun group of both upperclassmen and underclassmen. One of my main goals this year as a class representative is to increase sophomore engagement in school events. I’ll be expecting increased attendance and energized voices at pep rallies and other events. We’re the class of 2019, no one could be prouder.

– Duke Moon (‘19)

Sophomore class representatives (left to right): Jenny Chung (’19), Duke Moon (’19), and Justin Kim (’19) – PC: JD Choi (’18)

The sophomore class is full of those who wish nothing but to support their three class representatives above, and Jenny Chung, Duke Moon, and Justin Kim are absolutely willing to return the favour. Having experienced high school as a freshman only a year ago, the sophomore class representatives understand just how daunting KIS high school life can be, and they will not stop at making KIS a place where students can both work hard and play hard!

I feel like being a grade class representative really gives me the unique opportunity to reach out and deliver the freshmen’s voices to KIS. I think it’s an important job, and I hope that I, along with my other two class reps, can be a big part of Student Council this year. It’s an honor to serve our amazing class, and one of my goals is to try to reach out to everyone in our grade, not just people I’m close with. If you guys send your voices to me, I can guarantee that freshman year won’t be too bad after all.

– Jiyeon Kim (‘20)

This is my first year of high school, and I am honored to represent such a diverse group of students in my freshmen year. I have always wanted to improve my leadership skills, and mark my high school year with a memorable start. I am thankful for the fact that I have been given the chance to work with other members to improve our school. My goal for this year as a class representative is to engage all the freshmen to participate in school events, and also to make the best freshmen year out of all for our grade members. It will not be an easy journey, but I’m ready to immerse myself in the process. 2020 hwaiting!

– Alex Lee (‘20)

Freshman class representatives (left to right): Andrew Kim (‘20), Jiyeon Kim (‘20), and Alex Lee (‘20) – PC: JD Choi (’18)

Last but certainly not least, the freshmen class representatives – Andrew Kim, Jiyeon Kim, and Alex Lee – are newcomers to high school, but nonetheless jumped at the opportunity to represent their classmates in the seemingly intimidating Student Council. However, these freshmen proved that their class is determined to be one of the strongest and confident freshmen classes in KIS history, promoting school spirit and inclusiveness throughout the year.

These 12 class representatives are undoubtedly ready to lead their classmates throughout the 2016-2017 school year both from the front and the back. Their obvious dedication to improving KIS life for every grade gives the high school student community confidence that they elected the right class representatives, and we place complete faith in the success of Kevin Han, Amy Choi, Minyoung Cho, Amy Kim, Yerina Kim, Jeremy Ryu, Jenny Chung, Duke Moon, Justin Kim, Andrew Kim, Jiyeon Kim, and Alex Lee! Let’s give it up for the 2016-2017 class representatives with a HUGE round of applause!

– Daniel Park (‘17)

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